World Unit : France : The Impressionist, Edgar Degas



We began studying the French Impressionists Artists with Edgar Degas, because he is one we’ve had a few books at home already, from when Siena was in ballet classes and she liked reading about Degas and his dancer paintings, maybe 5 years ago.  We even had a chance to go see some of Edgar Degas’s work at the Portland Art Museum.  I felt lucky to be able to see his famous sculpture, Little Dancer of Fourteen Years.


We read this story and we also did an activity from this book, where we painted with charcoal pastels one of Degas’s famous paintings, The Star.

DSC_0166-small DSC_0163-small DSC_0164-small

It was a fun activity to work with charcoal pastels trying to copy a Master like this.  I first drew an outline of the ballerina.  Then we started with the pastels.

DSC_0168-small DSC_0169-small

We worked with the sticks, as well as with our fingers.


Looking at the original painting on books and online.

DSC_0172-small DSC_0173-small

For a first time working with these pastels, I’d say it was a success.

DSC_0174-small DSC_0175-small

These are the resources we used to study Degas:


We used other resources that I posted earlier on a simple list of French Art.  Because we used it for Edgar Degas, as well as the other artists we studied this time.

As always,if you have other sites or books you’d like to share, we would love to hear, so go ahead and leave them in the comments, for everyone to enjoy.  Thanks for coming!


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