last week…

… we went to four baseball games,

DSC_0039-small DSC_0040-small DSC_0048-small

one birthday party, four swim practices, and two swim meets.  I think this is the most I can do in 7 days.

DSC_0049-small DSC_0050-small DSC_0058-small

But luckily everything was a lot of fun.  I guess if this is the worse it gets in my 24-hr/day job (being a stay at home mom) I am totally in love with my job. I could be spending all these same hours in meetings inside a room with people that I don’t even know.  I’m keeping my job.  I love it. (Thank you kids, for giving me the best job I’ve ever had!)

… the garden is looking really pretty.  I love going back there and watching all the planning and hard work it has received.  Not thanks to me though!

… we celebrated Father’s Day early, because next weekend we are going to be busy.


… while our neighbors are gone (two single brothers) we are surprising them with a weeded garden and some new plants where only weeds have been growing for years.  With their permission of course, it’s looking good.

… there has been some duct tape work done.  Mostly for playing.  Because, duct tape rocks like that.


… we had a 20-kid playdate at the park.  And everyone knew each other, which is a big deal when that many homeschool families get together.  It was fun for everyone.

… I love these tiny houses.  I want to have one of these, in a forest on a mountain next to a creek, where it snows in the winter, and it’s beautiful all the time.  Where I don’t have neighbors for many miles OK, yards.  Where I only hear birds, and water (and kids).  Where we can have a bonfire every night if we wanted to.  Where we can have plants and a small garden.  Where we can go for hikes.  Where we can spend days with friends, eat good food, laugh, and make memories.  Well? Maybe some day.  It could be a cabin or some other house too.  It’s mostly about the surroundings what I’m thinking about. Some day.  

Photo taken by JJ.

… and most days by lunch time this is how their knees look like…

DSC_0049-smallSummer is here!

… had so much fun emailing with my mom while I sit in my chair at home, and my parents sit in the airport in Moscow.  Isn’t it crazy how the world has shrunk? Even in my 20 years here in the US, I have noticed how planes and flights and technology makes distant countries and places seem much closer.  Mark and I have taken advantage of that and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

I think the most amazing week of feeling like the world could be held in the palm of my hand, was when my parents were visiting my older brother in Boston (all of them “normally” living in Chile) while he was there for 6 months.  My middle brother was in China for three weeks for work (also “normally” living in Chile), and I was with my family in India (“normally” living in the US.)

… we are getting ready for our big trip, and we can’t wait to see all the things we’ve been reading about.  Oh, so very exciting.  But for now, we are counting the days until Mark is off.  We are so looking forward to the summer.

Can you do this? I wish I could!


2 thoughts on “last week…

  1. Glendie June 9, 2014 / 10:10 am

    I can’t do that WITHOUT the cup!!! AND, I probably can’t just lie on my back with a cup on my head, either!!! Go, Siena!

    • NaturallyFunDays : Marcela June 9, 2014 / 10:44 am

      I know… I don’t know how they did it. It was so funny to see them all swimming like that. Siena says “it’s not that hard”… maybe we should try it next time we go to the pool 🙂

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