making : pencil roll


A while back Siena asked me to make her a new pencil case.  The one I made her few years ago, was always too big for the pencils.  So she put two pencils per slot, which was OK, unless she took one out, so it would be too loose and depending on where she was coloring, the pencil would fall down and never be found.

So, I made her a new one, where each pencil has its own slot, and they are tight.  Really tight!  I figure, felt will stretch, so I made it as tight as I could.  And it works well.

DSC_0080-small DSC_0081-small

Then I made one for Lucas too.  We have lots of coloring pencils around (I took a few art classes a while back, and I love coloring) so I made a traveling set for Lucas too.  He’s happy to have his own.



Their choice of colors.  Their choice of ribbon.  They are all theirs.  Now to have fun with them!


2 thoughts on “making : pencil roll

  1. Glendie June 6, 2014 / 6:12 am

    VERY NICE!! Lots of sewing!!!

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