Last week…

Last (couple) of weeks…

… we enjoyed being together that extra day, two weekends ago  Having Mark at home is so nice.  We are counting the days until the summer.  I feel lucky.

… I enjoyed the little rain we had few days ago.  I like the cooler days, especially knowing the hot ones are coming soon enough.

… Mark and Siena planted the garden.  Have a little more open space, but it’s looking good.  They’ve worked hard to make everything looks so clean and weeded.  I am thankful for their hard work.


… I noticed the raspberries bushes are getting huge!

… we Skyped with my parents before they headed on their trip to Europe last weekend.  They are going to Spain, and Russia, Hungry, and so many other amazing places.  Can’t wait to hear from them on their travels and their thoughts on what they see.  I am excited for them.  Here are the first photos from Spain and Russia.

Photo taken by my Mom.
Photo taken by my Mom.
Photo taken by my Dad.

… some beautiful friends gave us four tickets to go see a Portland Thorns game.  They said it was a way to thank us for some helping we did… but really… this is what friends are for, right?  And so we went, and we had such a fun time.  Mark was the only one who had been to a professional soccer game here in the US before, so it was a really fun experience for all of us.  At the end of the game the women walked around the field waving at the fans who were still standing.  They ended in the fan’s area, where they have the drums and horns, and vowed at them, as a way to thank them for their support.  And they in return gave roses to the two players who made the winning goals of the evening.  What a fun ritual.  The weather was perfect.  The day was complete.  Oh yes… they won too.

Thorns Game 1-small Thorns Game 2-small

… the apples have started to appear and to fall.  Tiny ones.

… I noticed Mark is tired. It is about time for him (and all the teachers) to take a break for the year.  With a husband as a teacher, I’ve realized how much work they do that is unnoticed, sometimes even not valued, but instead judged.  These are the adults in kids’ lives that are helping them form, grow into the persons they will be.  A teacher can make such a huge impression on a kid’s life.  I’m hoping most of them are good ones.  I know Mark is an amazing influence to the kids he gets to meet each year.  There’s got to be a way and a time for teachers to be recognized for all their many, many hours they work.  Many hours that are not counted in their contract.  Hours of planning, of meeting, of grading.  Teachers are amazing and I feel lucky to have one at home.  We are almost there, just two more weeks.

… we are enjoying the honey we found in the hive that was left by the bees this winter.  It is so, so good.

… we went to baseball games and practices, as well as swim practices.  And we are getting ready for some more.

… I sewed lots.  Love all the time I got to do this.  I will share these later.

… there were lots of kids at our house, all weekend long.


… Lucas did some sewing.

lucas sewing 1-small lucas sewing 2-small

… I tried to remember some of my braid-making skills from when I was young.  Siena wanted to have a couple of new hairdos and I love it.  I used to make my hair all different ways and styles growing up.  When Siena was born, she had lots of hair and she let me do her hair in all sorts of ways.  The last 4 years or so, she’s been wanting to have low ponytails and a few braids but not much more.  So when she asked me to make her French braids the other day, I smiled and said ‘of course, I’d love to!’   It was like going back in time to when I was 10.  And she looks so cute!

… I made Siena this braid.  

DSC_0115-small DSC_0116-small

It was so pretty.   But she wanted me to make her a French braid crown that she could play and bounce with and not fall apart.  So I tried something else another day. 

DSC_0028-small DSC_0026-small DSC_0027-small DSC_0025-small

So cute too.  A little sturdier than the other one, but still not the best for bouncing in the trampoline with.  We’ll keep looking.

… we had a garage sale.  Five families cleaned up our homes this spring, and brought our treasures together in a yard sale, that seemed like a day-long playdate for the kids, and a time for the mamas to catch up with each other.  And we made a little money too.  It was a fun weekend.

DSC_0071-small DSC_0082-small DSC_0084-small

And we had a very special little helper.


… I thoroughly enjoyed listening all the baseball talk between my two guys.  I usually don’t understand what they are saying, unless they are talking to me and explaining each play.  Thank you for your patience!  I know I’m getting it a little more each time, thanks to both of you.  I love you.

Hope your past few weeks have been good ones and that this one is looking promising too.  The days are getting longer, they are getting warmer, there’s more color outside, there’s fresh fruits and vegetables… I feel like we are coming out of our huts to greet nature once again.  The cycle of the seasons.  Amazing.


6 thoughts on “Last week…

  1. Glendie June 3, 2014 / 7:26 am

    Ove the braid. Love the sewing. Love the smiles! Thank you for sharing

  2. Katie June 3, 2014 / 10:24 am

    The braid is awesome! I can’t wait until my little babes hair is long enough to play with. We have several years to go! When I was younger, I spent a lot of time styling the hair of the little girls in my mom’s daycare.

  3. Tracey June 3, 2014 / 2:44 pm

    what a great couple of weeks. I think you girl looks just beautiful.
    I have to tell you that I wish I was traveling with your parents, Russia is on my must see list!

    • NaturallyFunDays : Marcela June 3, 2014 / 6:25 pm

      Hi Tracey. Thank you. I think she’s super cute too, of course 🙂
      I do wish I could travel with my parents too. My mom sent me an email from her impressions right after they came back from seeing St. Basil’s Cathedral and just having arrived in Moscow. it must be something special. I would love to go there too.

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