swimming at the coast


This meet marked the one year of our swimmer’s life.  This was the first meet we went to last year.

DSC_0203-small DSC_0209-small DSC_0205-smallWe have learned so much since our first swim meet.  Being there this time, it reminded me of I felt last year.  How excited and nervous we were.  Lots of memories.


DSC_0214-small DSC_0242-small DSC_0247-small DSC_0224-small

We’ve done a year in this new life as a swimmer’s family. And we’ve all enjoyed this journey, for the most part. Some of us have a harder time getting up early to drive to the meets. Some of us have harder time being in a hot room for few hours, but we joke that it reminds us of our days in India. For the most part, we have fun.

DSC_0230-small DSC_0233-smallAnd I love seeing this little big girl of ours, enjoy it so much.  Usually with a smile.

DSC_0221-small DSC_0220-small

And some sewing or knitting or grading or other projects we carry with us.  We each have our things we like to do while we wait for Siena’s turn to race.

DSC_0312-small DSC_0311-small

And when the time comes we are ready for her.  We are right there for her.

DSC_0317-small DSC_0272-small DSC_0275-small DSC_0310-small DSC_0251-small

And some times it doesn’t go the way we want to.

Siena does a wrong turn for the stroke, the coaches get a yellow slip, Siena is disqualified.


She’s disappointed, but she’s OK.  She remembers the words from her coach the first time she did “now we know what to work on next.”  And of course, a trip to Dairy Queen (DQ) is the thing we do when you get DQ’ed for the fun of it.  Because she’s worked hard at the meet and the months before it.  A wrong turn or a funny kick, is not what matters.  Is how much she’s enjoying her swimming what we value the most. 

DSC_0308-small DSC_0312-small

And we are there for her.  Especially we are there for her, for these difficult moments.  It happens.  She learns.  We learn along side with her.

DSC_0319-small DSC_0322-small DSC_0324-small DSC_0328-small

Until next time.


We’ll be there again with her, to cheer her on.



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