last week…

This past week went fast.  It really did.  I was hoping we’d do few more things, but then it’s Tuesday again.  I am trying to go back to posting last week’s doing on Mondays, but the days are flying by.  I want to stop a little, take a deep breathe and enjoy the right now.

Last week…

… Mark grilled for the first time this year.  And it reminds me that maybe we need a new grill.  He’s had it like this for over a year.  It works, but maybe something with legs might be a little easier to maneuver.


… we’ve been eating outside, more and more.  As the table wobbles every time we touch it, it reminds me I need to keep searching on an outdoor table.  I need to do that this week.


… Mark cleaned one of the hives we have in the backyard and ended up with more than a gallon of beautiful, delicious liquid gold.

… and every day, I am so thankful of the bees hard work.  Mostly because of the delicious honey we are enjoying, but also it reminds me of all the work they do (pollination) in keeping our world green and possible to live in.  How amazing.

… also learned that Mark is getting worse, and it appears to be a terrible allergy to the bee’s propolis or beeswax or pollen. We are not sure, but we had a huge scare and we are learning more about it.

… Lucas learned new tricks.


… I watched this video my mom directed me to.

… I received a beautiful gift from a friend’s mom who visited Chile (and Macchu Picchu) last month.  What a treat to receive something so thoughtful.  She’s so sweet.  I get to hang out with her every week as our kids (her grandson) swim.  A real treat.


… I found these photos and it makes me want to travel.  Oh such a beautiful group of photos… and one of them, our own Cannon Beach, here in Oregon done by Jim Denevan.


… the kids surprised me with a Mamá’s Day re-do, because on Mother’s Day we had to get up early (6:30 am!!!) to get to Siena’s swim meet and there was no breakfast in bed or snuggling to a slow morning.  So they woke me up with a beautiful surprise on Sunday.  Their traditional Mother’s Day morning.  A beautiful treat.

DSC_0011-small DSC_0012-small

… well, this Monday to be precise, Oregon celebrated finally, marriage equality.  For all that is.  Love wins over everything.

… the kids have moved the playing outside whenever they can.

DSC_0008-small DSC_0009-small

… Siena and I got a cold, that is still lingering a bit.

… I saw Mark’s work and wished he could be done already.  He is so close, and I know he’s counting the days too.  He is so close to being done.  So close.


… we had a fire outside with friends.

DSC_0004-small DSC_0006-small DSC_0009-small

I think spring is coming.  We have showers, and rain, and thunders, and swimsuit days, and sunshine all in one day.  Spring is definitely here.  Hope you are having fun too, wherever you are.

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