last week…

Yes, last week was full. Last week…

… continuing with our World Unit, we started studying The Impressionists painters of France.  Lots of fun activities.

… Lucas went to the pool to play while Siena had practice.

DSC_0033-small DSC_0043-small

… Siena had swim practice.


… and had a swim meet too over the weekend.

… enjoyed the rain knowing this week was coming full of high temperatures.

… there was lots of Blazer-mania.


… lots of playing and bouncing the ball.


… Lucas got his hair cut.

… we had picture day.

DSC_0061-small DSC_0063-small DSC_0067-small DSC_0068-small DSC_0076-small DSC_0065-small

… have a growing list of cards we need to write and send.  They just get piled and hidden under everything else that happens in between.

… saw a fun movie at home, even though we were tired and it was late.  It was fun to sit with the kids and just watched.

… celebrated Mother’s Day.

DSC_0152-small DSC_0148-small DSC_0147-small DSC_0151-small

with these two beautiful most important little people in my life.


… enjoyed and have been loving my Mother’s Day Clematis.  Oh… how beautiful and so full and so bright it is.


Hope your week has started on the right path.  Have a wonderful day, my friends.


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