Our Body : the digestive system


The first activity we did, from this book, was to measure out our digestive system.


For each organ, it gives you to measure something else of your body that is very close to the real measurement.  For example, the size of your stomach is about the size of your hand opened.  Your small intestine is about four times your height.  Your large intestine is about one time your height.

DSC_0066-small DSC_0068-small

So we measured with yarns of different colors.


At the end you tie all the pieces and have the length of what would be your stretched out digestive system.  It was fun to see it lay out like this, and very interesting.


We measured the lengths of each organ for Siena and Lucas, wrote them down.   Then we added them all up to get an approximate length of their digestive system.

DSC_0002-small DSC_0007-small

Siena was drawing from the book they each have to color as we learn the body parts, into their large copy of their body they did the first day we started studying this unit.  They’ve been adding a little at a time, as we learn about our bodies.

DSC_0003-small DSC_0005-small

Lucas used his yarn digestive system to measure things and draw them in his drawn body.


We then made another visual model from this book.  We made a “Digestive System Tie.”  We adapted it a little, and they turned out fun to make.

DSC_0028-small DSC_0029-small DSC_0031-small DSC_0032-small DSC_0033-small

By now we had all the body parts down, learned and remembered the names of this system.  As we glued each organ we talked about what it did and how digestion works.  It was a fun way to review this system.

DSC_0039-small DSC_0036-small

Though this is from the wearables book, the kids didn’t want to wear their digestive system tie anywhere (no problem there!) but they were OK to wear it for this photo for the blog.

This system was a lot of fun.  We enjoyed talking about it and learning.  All of the projects we used for this part of the unit came from the books we used in other systems as well.  The list is in the first post I did to introduce our unit.  Here’s the link to the book list.

Though we finished studying the body systems with this one (we will do the others next year) we continued studying nutrition next.  I will post about that later.


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