readying the garden


It has been mostly Siena and Mark who have gotten the garden ready, with help from some of us at times.

DSC_0145-small DSC_0149-small

Getting the hose rolled up (should we have done this before winter?), setting up the green house, getting the garden shed cleaned up to find the seed packets spread in different boxes and bags.  They’ve done all of that.


They have more than 300 little (recycled) pots with seeds.  


We’ve had this pot maker for many years (8 or more?) and it works great.  It uses newspaper, so we’ve been able to recycle and plant directly into the grounds all those little seeds they carefully grow each spring.

DSC_0179-small DSC_0180-small DSC_0184-small

Some of these are the gourd seeds Tracey from Clover (my swapper partner from last February’s exchange of goodies) sent us to try.  Thank you Tracey!  We are excited to see if the plants do well.


Siena put carrots and radishes seeds in this root view thingy we’ve had for years.  And we’ve been able to see how long the roots of the radishes are so far.  Carrots have just started to appear, after 2 weeks of planting.  A view of them you don’t get to see often.


Because Mark and Siena planted all of our raised beds with potatoes this year, the strawberries (that were not doing very well in the current spot anyways) got moved and have a new home in these boxes they made.


They are in our front porch now, getting lots of sunshine throughout the day, and maybe getting more water than in the side beds where we don’t remember them so much.

I like to garden, but I don’t seem to have much luck with seeds or plants.  I don’t have that green thumb Siena has.  I am not as careful in the details, as these two gardeners we have.  So I’ve left them alone, and just watch how they enjoy being together and working along side each other.  Listening to their plans for building and planting.

They are working hard every free time they have.  Getting beds ready, making pots, planting new seeds, getting compost turned into the garden, making planting boxes.  They are doing a great job.  Thank you you two beautiful people of mine!  We are all going to enjoy your hard work later in the season.


4 thoughts on “readying the garden

  1. Katie April 16, 2014 / 8:42 am

    I’m not into the details of gardening either. Put them in the ground and if they grow, they grow, that’s the way I work. That’s why we’re not good homesteaders! The root viewer is awesome! I will have to remember this and have my husband try to make one. What a great learning tool.

  2. monica Hinostroza Fuchslocher April 16, 2014 / 3:25 pm

    Marce , ¿ no se rompen los diarios al poner la tierra y las semillas dentro y además con la humedad ?

    • NaturallyFunDays : Marcela April 16, 2014 / 4:40 pm

      Si, se rompen despues de varias semanas. Por eso es bueno, porque justo al tiempo que estan lo suficientemente grandes (las plantitas) se plantan directamente en la tierra. Se descomponen facilmente. Esa es la gracia. Sin molestar las raices ni nada. Es super chori.

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