a little spring inside

Our house is not that big, but even though there’s other places, our dining table seems to always be the center of our lives.  And it always seems to be full.  Full of happenings, full of stories, of laughs and cries, of jokes, full of plans, full of dreams and many conversations.  And also many times, is full of books, and legos, and papers, and pencils and pens, stickers, bills, and sometimes all of these at once.  It is a happening place, and I love that about it.


My mom always has beautiful tablecloths, and I think I got that from her.  I love tablecloths.  I love dressing our table for special occasions, but also for our day to day.  For breakfast, or a special dinner. It doesn’t matter.  I always like to have something pretty on it.  I change it, depending on the weather, the season, the feelings or what’s happening in our lives.  It’s fun to change.

In this picture, I have the beautiful coasters (that I don’t let anyone put anything on top of them because they are too pretty!) made by Tracey.  I just love having them around, the color, the texture.  They are so pretty aren’t they?  And this hyacinth in the middle, for a little indoor spring, I was given by one of the families from our Science Fair as a thank you for organizing the event. Isn’t it sweet?


Last year, I decided to finally make myself an apron from one I’ve been wearing for years.  I had gotten it from Mexico one year, and even though I really like the pattern, the fabric was very scratchy and slippery, something I didn’t want for my apron.  So I made myself one with some fabric (linen) I had.

And oh… I love it!  I wear it all the time.  It’s long, it covers me completely in the front, and it has pockets, it’s almost like a dress.  Maybe like a “house dress” that my grandma used to wear all day when she was in her house.


Few months ago, I decided to make myself another one.  Also linen, a little lighter than the first one I made.  And also purple.  This time, no prints.


I’ve used it a lot.  It’s had quite a few washes already, and it is so soft.  I love it how it feels.


While we wait for the longer and warmer days, I’ll bring a little of spring inside, if I can.  It just makes everything brighter! No matter how busy our days or our table gets.



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