making : sewing for Siena


Siena has a favorite shirt that she’s worn for a couple of years now.  It has, of course, changed how it fits her, but she likes it as is right now.  She asked me if I could sew her another one with a panda fabric we found at Joann’s few months ago.  Anything panda, is a great thing here at this house.  But fabric with pandas, is even a better thing!


So, as any mom would do after a request like that, I dropped everything and went to saw a little.  Never mind that I had other sewing plans.  I do love it when my kids ask me to make them something.

I’m a self-taught sewist (or sewer?)  I’ve never taken a class of any kind to learn to sew.  I always wanted to, but then I never have.  So, when I have a model of what I want to sew in front of me, is a great help.  I’m a visual learner.


Because I knew Siena wanted a couple of these shirts, I decided to make a pattern, so that I can later not follow.  I don’t know why I do that.  I can never follow a pattern.  Of any kind!  Not in sewing, not in knitting, or any recipe for that matter.  Funny.  I always have to change something, sometimes a small change.  So I made this pattern so I can change it every time I use it.  Fair.

DSC_0017-small DSC_0013-small DSC_0020-small DSC_0021-small

DSC_0012-small DSC_0022-small

I made her two shirts, like the one she likes to wear.

DSC_0180-small DSC_0184-small

With the little pocket in the front, as she likes it.  And of course, with the fabric I had left, I had to make these fun headbands.


I used this pattern from Happy Together and changed it a little to be more like this one.  I’m telling you, I can’t really follow one pattern!


I made two headbands from each fabric combination.  The panda fabric with a purple fabric, because it was for Siena and her swap partner, who likes purple.

I thought it would be cute if I added a little something in the package Siena is getting ready for her swapping, so they can both have the same something to remember their swapping.

DSC_0026-small DSC_0029-small


I like how they turned out.  I use this one with the blue flowers and circles.


Now, she’s matching with both of her new shirts I made, with a headband to wear with it!

DSC_0187-smallI think I’m going to have to make more shirts and headbands, to get better at it.  I like this practice!  And I’m sure Siena would be happy if I keep practicing too!


2 thoughts on “making : sewing for Siena

  1. Katie April 11, 2014 / 8:10 am

    I am also a pattern renegade! However, I just completed my first knitted cardigan and I followed the pattern the entire time. And I am so proud of myself – it actually worked! I think sewing, especially for kids, can be so free form, worrying about sticking to the pattern is kind of a waste of time. You did a great job. The headbands are cute – I’m sure she was thrilled!

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