Our Science Fair


Last week we had our Fifth Homeschool Science Fair.  I’ve organized it every year, because my kids want to participate and do an experiment.

It all started 6 years ago or more, when Siena wanted to have a science fair she could participate in.  She wanted to go, because Mark had taken his students to science fairs for many years, and we had gone to see the students and him at the fairs when they were in town.  It is always fun to see the students excited to share what they have learned.  Stay for the award ceremony, and see all the excitement.

So I started looking for a homeschool group that organized a science fair in town, but I didn’t find anybody back then.  So I started working.  I looked for large enough space to host few families with a minimum charge, and hopefully free.

I didn’t find anything in the area for over a year, until I asked the great folks of Trackers and they gladly offered their space for us to gather.


Last year we had a large group and so we did the year before.


This year was our fifth year, and we’ve grown every time.

DSC_0054-small DSC_0055-small

The kids have grown too! We’ve seen some of the same families for few years now, and it’s been fun to see the kids grow up, and with that, their experiments get more complicated.

DSC_0058-small DSC_0064-small DSC_0072-small

What a treat it is.

DSC_0053-small DSC_0056-small

And every year, there are new experiments to be tested.

DSC_0066-small DSC_0068-small

Some of them we even get to “test” (taste!) at the fair.

DSC_0073-small DSC_0074-small

Some are “dangerous”…


And some are plain ol’ magic.


We gather and celebrate together.  We celebrate their new knowledge gained, their efforts, their ideas, their creativity.  It is a really fun evening for everyone.

DSC_0114-small DSC_0115-small

And then at home, we get to celebrate in family by reading the comments they each got.  It is such a fun and supportive group.  A treat and a great way to learn.


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