Commercial Studies

I wonder if there is such thing.  I bet there is.  I think I would have liked to take this class in college.  Anyways, this is what we did over the two weeks we watched the Olympics last month.  Commercial Studies.  Yes.  We watched, listened, studied, took apart and commented on each commercial that appeared in front of us, in between races and Bob Costas.  (I like Bob, he represents The Olympics.  I’m glad his pink eyes got good enough for him to do the second half of the Olympics!)

I linked to three of our favorite commercials in my post on the Olympics the other day.  Now there’s few more.  I think we like a couple of other ones, but mostly we took the commercials apart, and put them back together in the same amount of time it was showing, and then later in other discussions, at the speed of some of the Olympic races.

First.  The Cadillac advertisement.  My (personally) most un-liked commercial.

OK, so this one I don’t really understand.  I guess I know what it is trying to convey but I think I don’t really understand it.  Maybe I don’t want it to be true.  Maybe because it’s so far from my true, from my life, from my reality, from what I strive for, that it’s hard to truly understand.

I have trouble watching it.  I guess I don’t want my life to be driven by something material.  Back in my “previous life” (without kids) I used to work full time, and even though I liked what I did, I don’t think I was ever happy with the two weeks off a year.  Though I probably never got paid as much as that dude on the commercial, I still never dreamed of owning a cadillac (or any expensive car) in exchange of vacation time.  I’ll take a month off any time over a nice car!

And even much less now.  When we decided to have kids (12 years ago), we decided I was going to stay home to be with them, and raise them.  Something we strongly believe is the most important job.  Since then, we live with one teacher’s salary.  We have made lots of changes  and adjustments in our lives, and we still have our 1997 car.  And we are not suffering by any means.

We have about 3 months (vacation) each year, that we spend together as a family, in exchange.  But I’d give anything to keep this, rather than having a fancy car and just having Mark on vacation for two weeks?  No way José!  Different priorities I guess.

OK, here’s another commercial.  Coca Cola.  I know this one wasn’t from the Olympics, but was aired around that time.  I can’t believe it was controversial.  To me, it seems to be the reality here in the US, a beautiful reality I might add.   More than being a problem to be a country so diverse, if that’s the controversial part, I find it to be the beauty of this country.  This beautiful, amazing diversity that is the world.

Third.  Our favorite commercials (besides the ones of Oregon.)

The P&G ads, Thank You, Mom.  Like this one:

And this one of Mikaela Shiffrin… so cute!

What about this AT&T ad?  This one was really interesting to hear what we (as a family) each thought about it, and what emotions it evoked when it came on.

Did this McDonald’s ad make us want to buy their food?

I guess it didn’t work for us.  That’s good!

Another one we discussed a lot about.   A pretty commercial, and true, and amazing to see all the things their mom’s do at GE.  This one brought lots of responses at our house, too.  Between talking about what engineers do.  What does technology mean and what it does for us.  What it means to be green.  How cool it is to have moms and women who can create, invent amazing things everyone can use or that we can learn from.

And Lucas would come up and say My Mom teaches me at home.”  “My Mom… does (this or that)… and I get to see her every day!” or “My Mom makes the best popcorn” or “My Mom…” he’d come up with something new every time, many times funny.

Besides the great fun we had watching the Olympics and all the playing that was around it, we had a lot of fun studying the advertisement too.  Something we never get to do, since we don’t have a TV in the house, and we can skip the ads coming into our computer. I think it’s fun to take advantage of what we get.  Always learning something new, is not bad.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Isn’t that a saying?  When life (TV) gives you advertisements, have fun with them.

A bit more.  Even though I don’t drink Coca Cola (Coke), nor I’m sponsored by it, or want you to go buy Coca Cola products, I loved the commercial I mentioned above.  So I went to Youtube and found the making of that commercial, with interviews and videos of the girls singing in their own different languages.  If you have few minutes, you should watche them.  The girls and their voices, their stories, and all the different languages coming together… it is beautiful.  Here they are in their own language.

 America The Beautiful in Mandarin:

America The Beautiful in Spanish:

In Hebrew:

America The Beautiful in Tagalog:

In Hindi:

In Arabic:

In English:

In Keres:

In Senegalese-French:

And even after I watch their commercials, I don’t feel like I want to have a Coca Cola (you don’t have to either!)  I just wanted to share because I find them pretty.  I hope you enjoyed them too.


2 thoughts on “Commercial Studies

  1. Tracey March 13, 2014 / 7:49 am

    I am not a television watcher and especially to sit and watch commercials is something I wouldn’t do, I don’t shop or drink soda, but I do love the Coke commercial too. I remember that song from when I was a kid, yes, I’m that old 😉

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