Our Body : Hearing + Sight

With our new unit study (of The Body), we started studying the senses, and we started with hearing.

We read The Listening Walk and gave us an idea of doing our own walk.  So we went around the block, quietly and we each wrote everything we heard.  So many sounds we otherwise wouldn’t pay as much attention to.  Funny how we get used to our surroundings.


At the end of studying this sense, and after learning about the ear and its parts, we drew in our paper body.


These are the books we used for this part of our senses unit, besides the books I posted Monday, in our general “Human Body” book list.  Please go check that post because there’s lots of great books we are using throughout the whole unit.

From the hearing, we went to study sight.  We did a lot of the experiments and activities from the other books.

This is one of them. About doing a maze with your fingers and then doing it with your eyes closed instead, following these dots made with a pin and to see how much harder it is.

DSC_0008-small DSC_0010-small

Also did lots of activities with optical illusions like these on this page.  And like this one from the National Institute of Environmental Health sciences there are so many in different books, and websites.  Fun!

Are the horizontal lines parallel, or do they slope?

One other book we used for the sense of sight is:

Remember to add in the comments, any other book you’ve used or other resources if you’ve studied the senses.  It’s great to have these here to use for later reference.  Thanks!


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