the snow that made winter

January passed.  It was full.  I know most of the country has had a bitter cold winter, but us, here in the Portland of the West Coast, not so much.  It’s been cold, but not much rain.  It’s been more like a bitter cold autumn.  Not that I’d complain, because I love the sun shining through the window, warming as it touches you. I love the not so muddy shoes coming in the house, too.  Oh yes I do love that.


But when I was thinking about our winter, and how I was seeing spring almost arriving. Some of the bulbs are peaking over the ground already.  Some trees have blooms.  Not bad at all either.  Almost exciting.  Though, as you might know about me, I do love winter.  I love all of it.  I love the rain, the wetness, the cold, the contrasts between the gray and the bright that feels when the sun comes out.

But this winter, was different.  I know I talked about it few days ago, but you know? It just hasn’t felt like winter here much.  Until the first days of February.  Oh yes.  We all remember that!


Enormous snowflakes falling from the sky.  First hail, then thick snow, then large flakes, that made us go outside to go touch them.  Oh, what a sight.  My kids, are my kids after all, so they too got all excited about the snow, and we took a break from our studies, and went outside to touch the snowflakes.  Because it is a rare thing here in this Portland of ours.


And with that adventure in us that day in February, we had lots to tell Papá about, that day.  Knowing he doesn’t have a window in his classroom, there’s always weather stories to tell him and for him to catch up when he gets home.  The news this day, were about the snowflakes we saw and felt, falling from the sky.  I know, very exciting news!



Three days later, the biggest storm of the winter.  The biggest snow storm we’ve had in few years, actually.  Snow started to fall at around 11 am, and it didn’t stop until night time.  Beautiful, windy, white, swirls, flurries, flying, feather-like, dust, air, incredibly amazing.  Perfect.

DSC_0021-thu 3pm DSC_0019-thu 3 pm DSC_0004-small DSC_0023-small DSC_0028-thu 3-20pm DSC_0031-small DSC_0032-thu 3-20pm DSC_0025-small DSC_0035-small DSC_0034-small

Perfect to make our beautiful winter, more like winter.  Snow brings something special.  It’s the light that spreads even during the night.  The quietness.  The magic. The brightness. The sounds.  All of it.  Makes it just so beautiful.

DSC_0004-small DSC_0015-small DSC_0037-thu 5-30pm DSC_0047-thu 5-30pm DSC_0051-thu 5-30pm DSC_0062-small DSC_0061-thu 5-30pm DSC_0063-thu 5-40pm

And it was like that when we woke up the next day.  It hadn’t melted. There was actually more snow coming our way, to make few more inches on the ground. We knew it was staying for a little while.  And when you don’t have to go anywhere, it’s just pure fun.  And that’s what it was. Pure fun.

DSC_0052-thu 5-30pm DSC_0053-small DSC_0054-small DSC_0056-small

Mark had a snow day.  Siena and Lucas played outside all day long. Had hot chocolates. Came in to warm up and went back outside.  Read. Knitted.  Slept.  I rested and nursed a bad flu I had that week.


We stayed more in the moment, enjoyed and had fun.  Had lots of fun!

DSC_0057-thu 5-30pm DSC_0059-small DSC_0062-small DSC_0063-thu 5-40pm DSC_0071-small DSC_0072-small DSC_0096-small DSC_0097-small DSC_0098-fri 4pm DSC_0084-fri 3pm DSC_0093-fri 4pm

Had 3 inches after a day and half of snowing.  The most we’ve had in many years.  How beautiful it was.  Just perfect.  The winter I’ve dreamed of.


2 thoughts on “the snow that made winter

  1. Tracey March 3, 2014 / 1:21 pm

    How wonderful! I am so glad you got your snow.

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