The Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014

The Opening Ceremony, is one of my favorite things to watch in the Olympics, be it the Summer or Winter Olympics.  This year’s, I thought it was a beautiful show.

I found these photos of the Olympics from space, from this website.  There’s more, if you’d like to go look at

We hooked a TV and watched the Olympics most nights this time.  With all the races, interviews, stories, also came all the commercials.  We usually watch movies and videos in the computer, go to the movie theater sometimes, but there’s nothing like watching TV with commercials.  I mean, I find it so boring to watch the same commercials over and over again.  But this time it was different.  
It was the first time, we all sat down in front of a TV to watch something.  To watch TV every night, for a couple of hours was something we don’t normally do.  We never have, actually.  We haven’t had a TV in many years (10 maybe?), but then my brother gave us this one, 2 years ago, when they moved back to Chile.  
I’m proud of that we don’t really watch TV.  Because in almost 12 years, we haven’t had a TV in our house, and it is not part of our lives.  I guess we’ve had this one packaged in its box in the basement.  But we feel like we don’t need it.  We can get all the movie needs from the computer.  
With the commercials we watched, we made the most of it.  We discussed what each one was trying to sell.  Who was targeted to?  Did it make us want to buy that product?  Did we need that product?  Did it make sense?  The different qualities.  Why were they showing that commercial at that time?  After few days, we were able to recognize them, sing the jingle and had our favorites.   And of course, after two weeks of Olympic-watching, commercials and all, we had a “final test” on Closing Ceremony day.  We would yell out loud the name of the commercial.  We also did the test “on mute”.  And of course, we also went for naming the commercial with our eyes closed, just by the music.  We got pretty good at them!  And we feel like we didn’t need to buy any of the products they were trying to sell us.  Extra credit!  
These were some of our favorite commercials.  These two on the top, remind us and laugh at how we see our Oregon.
And after 17 days of Olympics, of beautiful views, amazing wins and sad defeats and falls, of stories and sights of Russia, of Bob Costas’ interviews and his eye infection (I was worried we were not going to see him this year… I like him) we are ready to take a rest ourselves.  
We had a good time.  A great time watching actually.  We are still talking about the races, the athletes, Sochi, Russia, travels, skiing, skating, hockey, and all that we saw and learned during the last two weeks, it is especially fun to hear that everyone at home is done with the TV.  That we are happy to put it away.  I like that.  
This photo is from the same website,  Such a pretty medal, isn’t it?

And so it ends.  Even from far away, in the warmth of our home during the Winter Olympics,  we had fun.  Amazing athletes, amazing what they can do.  And maybe some day, I will go to an Olympics Opening Ceremony.  Who knows!  Maybe some day.


2 thoughts on “The Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014

  1. Tracey February 25, 2014 / 6:48 pm

    I watched more television these last 17 days than I watched all last year, but it was wonderful.
    I was so sorry to see the Olympics come to an end.

    • NaturallyFunDays : Marcela February 25, 2014 / 8:42 pm

      Hi Tracey.
      Yes, I know. More TV I’ve watched since… the Summer Olympics 2 years ago 🙂 But so much fun. We had fun.

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