Native Americans : Southeast Tribes

While we took a little over a month to study the Eastern Woodland Tribes we gave just a week or so, to the Southeast Tribes.  We were finishing our year, our energy was gearing towards the holidays and other things.  We thought it would be good to focus a little less in this area, also seeming that there wasn’t a lot of material for us to study.  As it happened with the tribes from California.  There were a lot less resources.  But it was OK.

We did the activities from the book series we’ve studied from the other tribes.

Most of the reading we did was from the book series we have really enjoyed reading and learning from, the First Nations of North America.

The more we study and learn, the more we realize how hard it was and must have been for the Native Americans, back then.  When they lived in their lands, in their homes, and they were forced to leave and move to an unknown territory, with no space, or foods.  Take for example the terrible Trail of Tears.  Oh my goodness.

How hard.  Why? How?  Many questions arose in our daily conversations.  Are native americans still mad at white people? Should they have their land back? Why did the Europeans just come and take over?  What if Squanto wouldn’t have helped them survive? What would the story be like?  Why did Europeans take man as slaves? Is that fair or even possible? How could they? How come the government would ask Native Americans to sign papers (to give up their land) when they didn’t even speak (or read!) the same language? How would we feel if people would come to us now and made us move to another town, without our belongings?  What would native americans do if they had a chance to rewind time… how far would they go to? What would they do different?  This keeps coming up in their concerns.  So interesting to hear and talk about this all.

So many questions.  So many discussions. So much playing.  Knowledge sharing, trying to discuss at their own level.  How much understanding and learning we’ve done.  It’s amazing, and so much fun to be able to do this together.  Though I think we are ready to get into a little “happier theme”, we know this is real history, and real lives.  But we are thinking we’d like a change.  We’ll see what we come up with next.

Here are the books we used for the Southeast Tribes unit:

If you have any other resources, please add them in the comment section in case someone would like to use them.  Thanks!

(Sorry I have no pictures of this unit… not sure why.)


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