As it has become, the tradition is to get together with our friends on Christmas Eve, and celebrate with a special meal, as I did growing up in Chile. Together, in family, with our dear friends.

DSC_0123-small DSC_0128-small DSC_0131-small

This year, even more special than ever, with the cutest little one in our arms.  And she can’t make this aunt happier with her beautiful smile.  A special gift indeed.

DSC_0194-small DSC_0206-small

And a morning, full.

DSC_0208-small DSC_0227-small

Full of surprises.


Full of playing.


Full of traditions.

DSC_0239-small DSC_0241-small

Full of handmades.

DSC_0247-small DSC_0252-small DSC_0260-small

Full of smiles and fun moments.

DSC_0264-small DSC_0273-small DSC_0277-small DSC_0283-small DSC_0287-small DSC_0289-small DSC_0292-smallWhat a day it was.


And this photo to remember later, that we did pretty good on the cleaning part.  Just a handful of bags for the garbage.  A grocery bag full of recycling.  And a whole bunch of fabric bags and boxes we will reuse and use them again, many more times in the future.  Ahhhhh… it feels good to waste less.  It feels really good.

We had a beautiful, slow Christmas. Together as a family.  I love seeing the faces of these three lovely people I live with, open their presents.  Those presents we’ve been hiding for a while.  Those we’ve been making for a while.  Those we thought and figured out how to make for that special someone.  How beautiful it is to share with those we love.  This time, it was again, just wonderful.

Hoping your holidays were beautiful too.




2 thoughts on “celebrating

  1. Katie January 6, 2014 / 5:10 am

    I really like that you mentioned the waste leftover from a festive Christmas – good for you for having so little! The amount of wrapping paper crumpled up and thrown away drives me nuts. I don’t know how people don’t think about it and are okay with it. I haven’t bought any wrapping items since I was married – almost 10 years now! This year I used fabric that I can use again in a sewing project and bags and paper from Christmas’s past. We cleaned out the attic this weekend and found two more big boxes of Christmas wrapping “stuff” – so I am now set for the next 10 years!

    • NaturallyFunDays : Marcela January 6, 2014 / 11:44 am

      Hello Katie. Yes, we’ve had the same Christmas wrapping paper for many, many years. We decided to use fabric bags 3-4 years ago, but this year we were all on board, and my son kept reminded us of our goal (he wrote a note on the tree!) It wasn’t that hard, and I actually loved sewing these bags. Now, we are working on having permanent gift tags, but I do love how the kids make the tags each year. There is so much waste during the holidays, that we are trying to do what we can in our part. Hope your holidays were fun!

      Thank you for stopping by here in m little space.

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