getting the tree


On a sunny day in early December we headed to the mountains to get our Christmas tree.


What a treat it was.  Really! I do love where we live and we go out a bit, but it doesn’t seem to be enough especially in the winter.  I do love snow, and would love, love, love to live in a place that I knew I’d get snow a couple of months a year.  I’d never drive or go anywhere far, because driving in the snow freaks me out (a lot actually.)  So I’d probably hibernate. Yes, for sure!  But I’d knit, sew, cook, and bake, it would all be perfect and I wouldn’t need to get out.  Well… I’m not sure how I’d get the groceries or any supplies I’d need, but that’s just details, right?  But oh yes… the snow…

DSC_0155-small DSC_0157-small

So when we got up that morning and I saw the sun shining, I knew that it would be a beautiful trip.

DSC_0158-small DSC_0159-small

And yes, it was!  With temperatures around 26F… but sunny and gorgeous!  Oh… this place of ours, where we live, the landscapes, amazes me every time.  It’s almost like I need to be pinched every time.  It’s a beautiful place.

DSC_0161-small DSC_0175-small DSC_0178-small

And so we searched.

DSC_0183-smallFound rabbit tracks.

DSC_0190-small DSC_0191-small

And our tree!

DSC_0192-small DSC_0199-small DSC_0200-smallAnd lots of snow.  What a beautiful and fun day.  We’ll sure remember this one too!



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