last week…

Last week was fun.  It was really busy though, with lots of happenings.  It was more (busy, full, and rushed) than we like it.  The busy-ness is not something we are used to.  But it all came together in few days and we had fun.  I think we’ll have a slower week now, so we can take it all in and be in the moment, right here, with each other.  Just how we like it.

… we had snow falling.  We had ice.  We had fog.  We had lots of cold days.  Beautiful cold, sunny days.  We usually get rain.  It was fun to have this for a change.  And luckily,  we have a warm home to get back in to.

… we got up really early and went to Siena’s swim meet.  Lots of swimming, in a very packed pool, the whole weekend.


… we laughed at how boring the weather forecast is in Gwalior, India. We have it in my computer as default for Gwalior, still.  It makes me think of our days there.  This is what the weather will be like in the next few days… mind you it is winter right now… 82 degrees and sunny all the time.  That was chilly for there.  But not for us though.  When we were leaving India, two years ago (almost exactly to date) were the coldest days we spent there, and it felt like our summers here in Portland.

People were worried that Lucas was wearing shorts and t-shirts, while everyone was wearing gloves, and hats and heavy parkas.  Funny to think how different it can be.  For us, two years ago, in 24 hours and two airplanes, we went from that warm Indian winter to a rather cold but sunny and clear Portland with a high of 40’s that day in 2011.  But we took it, and we welcomed it as ours.

… we had grandma visiting from out of town.  Fun to have her here for few days.

… we decorated our tree.



… found this blog.  Oh my goodness, it made me laugh and took me back to 8 years ago, when Lucas was born and Siena was three. It’s funnier now that they are both older, and even though my nights are nothing like they were before having kids, I am sleeping more than when the kids were younger.  And then I read that post of the day (on Wednesday) and had a big laugh too.

… the kids have been whittling and carving wood.  It is so much fun to see them come up the stairs with their smiles in their faces, so proud of all of their creations.

… my brother and his family moved from their house to an apartment.  After living in this town for many, many years.  He sent me a video on how they had to move some of their furniture…

… we went to a birthday party at this place where you can jump off the wall if you’d like.

… we are making and making… elfing and delivering and saying thanks to those special people in our days.


… we learned that the 100-year old house across the street is being demolished and they are building the most modern-looking house I’ve seen.  And there’s nothing we (as neighborhood) can do.  The contractor has all the right to build whatever he’d like.  I understand.  But it is just too bad, and sad, that he finds this to be the neighborhood to build something so modern, when all the houses (probably in miles!) are 100+ years old.   Wouldn’t someone moving into this old and quaint neighborhood want something more like it belongs here? Since he will tear the house down anyways, I hope there’s a way we could persuade the contractor to build something else, something that actually belongs in this old neighborhood.  It will for sure be a sore spot for everyone around.

… we went to see the Christmas ships down at the river.  Twice actually!  The first time down at the dock by our house.  Then, the next day at the Winter Solstice bonfire down the street.  A much more fun date.  We have gone many other times before, but we were not sure if we would make it.  I’m glad we did.  I love the warmth of that huge (very huge) fire for the community, everybody just hanging out, listening to Christmas carols, warming up, with hot chocolate, coffee and pies.  I like it.


… we also went to see the Christmas Revels.  A great show we haven’t gone to before.  I think we’ll go back next year!


Hope your week was a fun one, and that you are looking forward to this one.

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