lots of making

We’ve been making lots of things, and I haven’t posted much about it.  I guess we’ve been busy.

:: Siena made cute little peg gnomes for Lucas inspired by our last Holiday Fairs.


:: I made Lucas this gnome home to go with Siena’s gnomes for his birthday too.


:: Lucas and Siena and Mark have been playing and making with Legos.  This sits on my desk, together my other camera.


:: I am still working on Siena’s birthday quilt.  Maybe it will be ready for her next birthday!


:: Siena made some cards.

DSC_0114-small DSC_0115-small

:: Lucas is so interested in wood working.  Either whittling and in coal burning. Here he’s working on a spoon.

DSC_0058-small DSC_0061-small

:: I made some pot holders that I sent to Chile with my mom as presents.

DSC_0230-small DSC_0232-small

:: I made a couple log cabin pot holders for us before I made these (in the photo above), and this is what inspired me to make more log cabin blocks.  I practice in few, and then decided to make a quilt.  I picked fun colors and designs.  It is a quilt for my nephew in Chile, getting married next month.  The first grandkid in the family getting married.   I wanted something fun and bright, but still that held true to the old style of the design and a bit of history.


When I set the blocks on the rug, I liked the contrast.  So used blue.

DSC_0047-small DSC_0048-small

And like all my sewing, I like recycling.  So I used few fabrics that were something else before.  Because, that is what quilting was all about back then.  Right?  The women used the fabrics again and again.  From old clothes to something new, a blanket, something useful.


So this is how it turned out.


I took it outside when it wasn’t raining to take a photo, but it wasn’t ironed yet, or quilted, or finished.  I wanted to have the natural light though.

DSC_0167-small And here it is all finished, but with late night, indoor light. And I can’t see the binding, which I made in light blue with small white prints.  I really like how it turned out.  Now, I hope the receivers like it and use it in their new home together, on the other side of the world.

:: Lucas carved this canoe for his new gnomes, and inspired by our Native Americans studies.



::  Siena and I have been having fun with felt and wool.  DSC_0023-small DSC_0024-small DSC_0025-small DSC_0029-small DSC_0031-small

Lots of fun so far, and more making still happening! Perfect.



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