Native Americans : Eastern Woodland Tribes : Part 3

We’ve had lots of fun learning about Native Americans.  There is so much history, so much art, so much geography, so much of life to learn from them and from the older days.


As we read and learn about them, I am surprised by the comments and thoughts both Lucas and Siena bring up.  Not only during the conversations we have while reading about them or when watching a video, but also later in the day, at dinner time, or while taking a walk, or going somewhere, or in their playing.  I’ve realized they both give it a lot of thought and I enjoy their conversations, their thoughts, even worries, and honest opinions about history and the many times that life seemed unfair to so many.

What if Squanto didn’t help the Pilgrims after their hard first winter in the New World? Would they have all died and disappeared?  Would they have been able to survive on their own?  Would they have become close to the Native Americans without someone speaking English, translating and helping them?  If Native Americans could rewind time, where would they go to?  Would they decide not to help the Pilgrims again?  Would Sacajawea help Lewis and Clark again?  What changes would they do to be able to keep their land? Where would we be if history was just a little different?  What would it feel like if someone came to our house and told us we could only use a room and they would give us the food they thought we needed?  How would it feel like if someone came to our city and told us we had to move to a different area, much more confined? What would we take? What would it be like?  How would we feel?

Maybe history is like that.  Unfair, many times.  But it is history, and it is what makes today.


A project we did from this book is a woven corn husk mask. I’ve really enjoyed using the books in this series.  They are always pretty clear, with enough pictures, some historical or artistic explanations.  But for this project, I feel like it wasn’t clearly explained making it harder to finish the project.

DSC_0108-small DSC_0114-small

But Siena made it work.

DSC_0116-small DSC_0058-small DSC_0060-small

And Lucas made the simpler version of the mask, but changed it and adapted it a little to his liking.

DSC_0109-small DSC_0115-small DSC_0057-small

I think they ended up working out fine, and looking good!



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