last week…

The first week of December went by beautifully.  What a fun month.  I Love the holiday season.  Last week…

… it snowed.  That was especially crazy because I had looked at the weather forecast and said it wasn’t raining… well, what a surprise to wake up earlier than normal with kids jumping on my bed screaming “it’s snowing Mamá, it’s snowing!  Look outside!!!”… opening the curtains at once…  wow… that woke me right up.


You know, here in Portland (Oregon) we don’t get much snow.  Nothing really. And when there’s few flakes falling, everything seems to shut down. And I love that.  It becomes quiet, and strangely… fluffy!  The kids seem to smell the snow, they wake up early and get excited to get outside.  No matter if the snow doesn’t stick or it disappears as it touches the ground. It. Is. Snow.  No matter how much or when it falls.  I get as excited as them. Everything looks beautiful even with the thinest of white lace.


Wonderful.  Especially when it is such a special treat as it is for us.


… found this video online from a link from someone when I did my weekly check on Facebook.  Which I don’t really understand how it works… or know who’s space I’m looking at when it opens in my computer, or how to send messages, or how to find my friends or who my friends are…well? I actually know who my friends are in real life. It’s just this Facebook thing… I know… I’m about 10 years behind technology.  Anyways… this is a cute video.

… we all got a cold bug.  Lucas still coughing, Siena got worse and then better, and I’m half way in between. I’m hoping we’ll get rid of everything and start feeling better soon.  It’s looking promising though!

… found this beautiful video.

… we got ready for our last craft fair we are attending this year and it is a really fun one!  Oh… it is one we have dear to our hearts. We love it so.  From the way we got to go first, the reasons we decided to have a table with our handmade goods in the first place, and the same beautiful reasons we still have.  It is an amazing day for us.  We love it each time and enjoy every minute of it.


… at this fair last weekend, we met new people and visited with our friends who came to say hello at our table.  We also saw friends we don’t see very often, and it was at this fair last year, we saw them last.  This is where they come for shopping and we chat for a while, each year.  It’s fun seeing their kids… a whole year of growing and lots of stories to share.

… I found these maps.  Oh my goodness look at them… they are so pretty! I think that’s the way I think too… circles. I’m always drawing circles when I doodle. Look at the Portland map here below.  Oh wow… it’s perfect!  I think we need to have one at home.

I’m sharing this photo with permission from Archie Archambault.

… I sewed lots of different things.  I’m keeping up (barely) with what I’d like to make. I’ve had my sewing machine since I got married.  My parents gave it to me the first time they came to visit from Chile, around our first wedding anniversary.  Since then, I often think I should take it in to have it cleaned, oiled, tuned.  Well… 19 years later, it’s working great, and I still think I should have it cleaned, oiled, tuned.  I’ll do it, this time, Right after the holidays.  I promise!

… we went to see a Blazers game.  It was Lucas’s birthday present.  We saw them play the Indiana Pacers, as I learned then, they are the best team of the East.  The Blazers the best team of the West.  It was a really fun game, and the Blazers won 108 to 102.  So exciting, a great present for Lucas.  Actually for all of us!


Our seats were way up high… but it doesn’t matter.  We get the same vibe when they are winning, and also when they are loosing.  It goes around the whole (huge) place.



This is the time they started to be ahead.  From here on to the end of the game.  The last quarter, was so much fun.  Here’s a video from the game, though you can’t really tell how loud it gets from it.

… we started counting the days Mark has left until the holiday break.  Oh… we love having him at home on vacation.  We love it!  We are counting…

… I found this online… I think it’s funny.

From here.

… we had the coldest days in a row in a very long time.  It’s sunny, and chilly, it makes everything looks so magical.  Oh, how I love winter.  Between September through December, is my most favorite time of the year.  With all the changes, the new beginnings, the celebratings, the traditions in my family, and the holiday season, coming with all the making… I do love it indeed.