around the sun again


The youngest in our family, had a birthday.  He is still the youngest, of course, but not too young anymore. Eight.  For some reason that seems like a big age.  I don’t mean “old age” just big.  He’s grown up so much lately, that he seems so much bigger than last fall.


He was so tiny, just eight years ago… well… he never really was tiny, but comparatively speaking, right?


He fit completely in our arms. Now…


Not so much.  He is so big… we can have real conversations, we can play other games besides peekaboo, we can make something together, he can make tofu soup, and help bake, and he can whittle, he can also start a fire without matches, he can crack me up with one sentence… and he can do so much more.





Siena made these cute gnomes, that Lucas loved.  (I’ll share a closer look at them in another post.) They are so cute!  And this little boy of ours, he was filled with hugs, kisses and love.  All. Day. Long.



The day was beautiful.  We went for a little walk.

DSC_0140-small DSC_0143-small DSC_0153-small DSC_0154-small DSC_0147-small

It was fun.

DSC_0148-small DSC_0156-small DSC_0158-small DSC_0160-small

We had lunch. Opened presents.  Read cards. Looked at pictures from Lucas’s first days. Told stories. Hugged him. Loved him. Went roller skating. Went to the theater.  Had his favorite dinner.  Lit up the candle. Had a delicious cake.  And celebrated this beautiful boy of ours the way he wanted.

DSC_0172-small DSC_0175-small DSC_0177-small DSC_0178-small DSC_0182-small DSC_0183-small DSC_0185-small DSC_0187-small DSC_0197-small

The funniest and most caring little boy in this house.  We love you lots.  Thank you for choosing me as your mom.  Happy birthday!  To the bestest year yet!


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