… last week

We finished November.  A full month for my family, and I think for many of us the beginning of a season we tend to be busier and more indoors.  Busier in a different way than our months in the summer are.  Now, our days are shorter, there is less light.  The sun barely warms, but it feels good on my skin when it does. The cooler breeze chills everything it touches. It feels good too, it wakes me up.


Last week…

… we celebrated Lucas turning 8 with friends and in family.


… we gathered for a quiet Thanksgiving, celebrating with delicious foods and special times together.

… we were (are) still making things. Making for presents and getting ready for another craft fair we’ll be present next week.

… one of my nieces in Chile graduated from high school and my nephew is going to Germany as an exchange student.  So much happening in their lives right now.  I wish we could have been there to celebrate and be present.  Here’s my parents and my sister-in-law at the graduation.

Photo taken by my brother.
Photo taken by my brother.

… I received a new camera from Lucas.


… we had lots of playing with friends.  It’s fun to see new friendships flourish and see the old ones grow.


… we enjoyed reading some poems from this book.

… we enjoyed the sunshine and the cooler air, by being outside a little, even though the temperature was probably telling some of us shorts and t-shirts were a little too little.

DSC_0005-small DSC_0008-small

… we studied a little history.

… we read books and listened music.

… we had a fire in our fire pit and roasted chestnuts. A first for many of us.

… we played games.

… we all got a cold that is making us slow down a little.

… the rain came back, just to remind us of this time of the season circle.  We are able to keep warm, I feel lucky.


Hope you are also able to stay warm and dry and healthy.