Last week…

As the November ends, the holiday season begins.  For me, it always seems that the holidays start with Halloween.  From then on, there’s celebrations we all love. Beginning with celebrating the changing of season. Autumn. Fall.  A beautiful time of the year, through birthdays (at home and far away), Thanksgiving, and looking ahead to Christmas and the welcoming of winter.

Last week…

… we watched Maven being launched to space on its way to Mars.  Fun to hear Siena wonder if they’ll find life in Mars.  Her most concerning question I think, since we’ve studied the planets last spring.  I wonder what we’ll find out from here.

… it rained like it was winter.

… we also had many beautiful sunny days with a chill in the air, that it reminds you that winter is here (almost!) Such a beautiful time of the year.  I love it!  I totally do.


… Mark (and all of us!) are ready for him to have a break.  We are counting the days to have him home to play, rest and have fun.  Thanks to the budget cuts, he has an extra day off (without pay).  We better have fun if it’s going to have to be, right?

… had a beautiful moment of I’m glad we homeschool, when Lucas and Siena do their playing and talking in what we are studying.

… celebrated Lucas birthday with friends. So much fun… more picture later.

… I am making things… for all sorts of reasons.

… was fun to see Lucas practice his fire-making skills.


… started our thankful leaves, trying to write one (or more!) thankful ideas from each of us, and hang them on the wall.  So fun to see the thoughts we had last year, and three years ago and some from 2007. Fun!  Also fun to hear what we are all thanking for right now.

… froze in the mornings and some days didn’t get over 50 degrees (F.) Love… especially since I feel very lucky we have a warm home to stay in or go back in to.

… I started to see the lights on houses and the stores have everything decorated.  I love how everything looks so festive.  It makes the darker days look much brighter!

… having fun thinking what we’ll make for Thanksgiving.  It’s usually just us four, and we love being together celebrating.


Hope your weekend was a good one.


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