Mushrooms + the tiny world

DSC_0046-small DSC_0049-small DSC_0058-small

I wish I’d know more about mushrooms. I love cooking with them, but I’ve never gone wild mushroom harvesting.  Wouldn’t it be fun?

DSC_0047-small DSC_0059-small DSC_0060-small DSC_0063-small DSC_0065-small

So here they are for now, these natural beauties, without a name I could come up with.

DSC_0073-small DSC_0088-small DSC_0089-small DSC_0096-small

Just plain beauties waiting for us to find them.

DSC_0097-small DSC_0099-small DSC_0100-small DSC_0103-small DSC_0105-small DSC_0107-small

And take pictures of them… without touching!

DSC_0128-small DSC_0129-small DSC_0130-small DSC_0131-small DSC_0132-small DSC_0133-small

I know this last one is telling me not to eat it… right?

Update 11/21/2013: Check out Laura’s post from Stag Beetle Power! about their hike at Lost Lake up in Mt. Hood.  Beautiful mushrooms they are. 


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