Last week…

Today, closer to the end of November than the beginning, I can close my eyes and try to remember all the things we’ve done lately.  I can make a long list of them, and this here, helps me remember all the fun that has been (I’ll go ahead and leave the hard and sad parts aside.)  Last week…

… we enjoyed having Mark home for a day off.  With no rain, we hang out a bit, but everyone ended up doing their projects of the day, and still fun to have a day at home together.

… I enjoyed a special present Lucas gave me.  He carefully opened his water bottle after Trackers and said ‘this is for you’.  He explained to me they had made a special tea that day, and he had saved it all for me.  He is so thoughtful.  Now, we are trying to figure out what plants they used so we can make this tea again at home.  I also think it will be better if we make it in the fire pit outside.  Water heated on the stove, is never the same than over an open fire.  Isn’t it?

… found this photo (tumblr) and love it!


… Lucas played with his friends with flashlights outside.  They need them to keep playing even when the sun has gone down much before the kids are ready to go inside for the day.  The time change has changed the way they play, but there’s no complains from their part. They adapt, and it’s all fun.

… I enjoyed reading this beautiful post by Meg over at Sew Liberated.

… Lucas had his last bike race.  He loved it, as he did each one of them.

… started to feel like winter.  The heater comes on more often, sweaters are a common thing, most of the leaves are on the ground and put on our garden beds.  Everything is wet. I really like the dampness of winter.

… I made some screen printing for presents.  I forget how much I enjoy doing it.  The magical moment, when you lift the screen and your image is beautifully printed on that piece of fabric… sharp, detailed, just like any bought t-shirt! Magic at its best!


… I made lots of things for the craft fair we went to last weekend, together with Lucas and Siena.  I love their making of things. how they cooperate, and brainstorm for the making and for the pricing and how to display them.  We’ve done a few fairs by now, and I’ve seen both of my kids change as they grow in relation to it.  In their craft-making as well as how they do at the fair itself.  It has been a fun ride.

… I enjoyed seeing Lucas practice his fire-making skills.  Starting a fire from friction.  He’s getting really good at it.

… we celebrated Siena’s new swimming times.  She did good in her last meet, so she can go to an invitational meet in few weeks.  We are so proud of her.

… I felt like I was getting a cold, but it went away.  Maybe it’s that tea we are all drinking almost daily.  Just some warm tea that reminds us of the days we went out to pick nettle, and the leaves from our Lemon Verbena in the backyard, licorice fern from the hikes we take, and elderberries from the summer too.  What a place we live in. I feel lucky.

… Siena and Mark cleaned the basement.  Yes, this was such a big job, that is worth remembering it.  We had such a huge mess, of jars piling, boxes, and piles to be filed, too small clothes, and still too big piles, and games that needed to put away, and tools, and pieces of wood, and bottles…. oh my.  Thank you you two.  It looks beautiful!

… read about the presidential elections in Chile.  Two women are going to the second round.  I know my whole family was waiting for the results.  Now, they’ll have to wait ’til December to know for sure she’s won.



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