Swimming again


Siena is swimming again this year and she’s loving everything about it.


This is her thing, and it is so fun to see her loving everything that has to do with swimming.  From readying her backpack for practice three times a week, even emptying it afterwards, and getting it ready again for the following time.  Hanging her swimsuit and cap to dry in the bathroom, and the flip flops and towels have their own place too.


She has a routine.  She likes everything about it. She loves the smell of chlorine, as well as the swimming and practices.  It is fun to see her love it so much.



And we are all enjoying watching her swim.

DSC_0223-small DSC_0254-small

Friends came to the pool to watch her and watch the other races.  We had fun.

DSC_0244-small DSC_0249-small DSC_0279-small

We watched her get ready. Go down by the pool.  Talk to her coach. Warm up. Get her goggles ready.  And always with a smile.



Always with a smile.


I’m not sure why swimmers seem to be early risers.  We had long days waking up almost 2 hours before our normal days, so we rested a little while waiting for Siena to swim.

DSC_0278-smallWe drew.


Played outside… also helpful to cool off.


Played inside.



DSC_0276-smallAnd of course,  Mark graded students’ work.  Really! Teachers do work at home, in the bus, at the swimming pool, early morning, late at night and anything in between.

On a side note… I overheard a mom sitting in front of us at the meet, talking to another parent and commenting on him working that day, on the weekend (he was proof reading some papers.)  It made me think that before Mark was a teacher, I never really thought how much work teachers do.  Now, I see it daily.  And this year for him, seems like he’s working so much more than before.  As Mark said the other day “I’ll rest when I retire…”

Oh… but this girl of ours…



got some great times and we are heading to another meet here in few weeks.


And for those wanting to watch few minutes of swimming, from the comfort of your home (instead of a heated (read sweaty) indoor swimming pool) here’s our little fish in some of races:

50 meter backstroke:

50 meter breaststroke:

50 meter butterfly. Siena’s favorite stroke:

50 meter freestyle:


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