Last week…

November is here.  For us a busy month, with lots of fun.  Last week, as we started our month…

… we went to Siena’s first swim meet of the year.  She was so excited to go.  So excited to be there and compete.  It was great to experience that with her.  She’s such a cutie! We were all very excited and proud of her.  Of her new times recorded, her accomplishments, her skills, her confidence.  I’m a proud Mamá.  She’s a cutie.

DSC_0163-small DSC_0165-small DSC_0178-small

… we celebrated my birthday.

DSC_0104-small DSC_0127-small DSC_0130-small DSC_0135-small

… my mom celebrated her birthday with everyone in Chile. Miss seeing all my nieces and nephews.

Oma 73 BDay - 3-small Oma's 73 Bday -1-small

… I laughed when Lucas talks to me in Spanish as my parents did while they were here: “Hola Marcelita!” He’s a funny kid.

… found this post about swants.  Love it!

… Mark has been so busy, with the largest numbers of students in his classes (38, 42, 46 and 48! and I know I’m missing one more class…), with lots and lots of papers to grade.  He couldn’t wait to have this Monday off, so he can catch up in his grading.  Forget resting!  He grades during every spare moment he has during the day.  It seems like to much work.  Too much work.

… I found this blog via Amanda at SouleMama.  A great spot.

… I loved this picture found from this site.


So funny.  I do not have an ipad (or know much about them or how to use them) but I have seen people taking photos and filming with it, and I love that the screen is so big while they record.  I can see why she’s choosing an ipad to take the memories of that moment.  Is there something else that is better than a big camera?

… was happy to see our friends cheering for Siena with us up on top at the bleachers.  To them, thank you for coming to see her!  It meant so much to her (and us!)


… Lucas had a sleep over with a friend, while Siena rested for her meet.

… we went out ad celebrated.

… I am enjoying still the Holiday Edition of the Rhythm of the Home, but sad to see it be the last one. I loved reading and browsing through the pages.

… I made and sewed, and knitted, and have been creating lots lately.  Our days are filled.

Hope you had a good week too, and that this week is a going as good as you want it to be.


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