Just watching the waves and then getting wet : A tutorial


You can stand by the ocean shore, and watch out towards the wave.  Always keep an eye on the ocean though. Never give it your back.  Besides, it’s so beautiful, you want to take it all in.


You can take your shoes off, and get closer I guess.

DSC_0622-smallInvite your brother to get closer to the waves too.  Take your shoes off just in case.


You can watch the ocean from further away as the waves come in, but you can also try to touch the water with your hands.

DSC_0624-smallInvite your brother to get closer too.  By now, he has his shoes off anyways!


See? It’s much more fun when you can touch the water together with your brother on your side!


And when the waves come in just a little closer, you should run back to the beach. You’ll splash yourself a little, but that’s OK.


You should put your hands down in the water again, now that the waves came in and it’s a little deeper.  It would work better if you took your coat off because the water is deeper now, so if you put your hands in the water, it will definitely cover your coat. But that’s OK if you don’t.  It will be dry for the next day.


Then you should go a little deeper, since the waves have gone back.  And you can be ready for another wave to come.  You are wet up to your elbows anyways.  It is fun.


But always be watching the waves.  You never know when you’ll get wet just a little more. And you know, the water of the ocean in Oregon, is cold, especially in the month of October.  But you don’t have to worry about that.  It’s just water, right?


Your parents should always watch you, to make sure… you don’t get wet? Well… more wet than you have to.

DSC_0633-small DSC_0637-small

And you know, even if your parents are watching you, the waves will come and your shorts will get wet, because the sand moves and your feet and hands will sink in it… and if you start splashing, you’ll get wet and you will start feeling the temperature of the water and the air.  It is autumn after all!


But you know, your clothes will dry by next day, and you will be indoors soon.  So you should go back and really sink in your feet and hands down in the sand.


Repeat.  As many times as you want to.

DSC_0641-small DSC_0643-small DSC_0645-small

You are all wet anyways.  And who knows when you’ll be back at the beach again.  A warm shower and then your pajamas, sit by the fire, and you’ll warm up quickly and have had fun getting wet in October in the Oregon Coast.  That’s a treat!


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