Slides.  There’s something about slides that I love.  I guess it is one of the few “rides” I can do at the local amusement park.  I can no longer spin around, or go up and down in crazy rides, or even enjoy the elevator rides.  My stomach is not that strong.

But slides, are a whole different thing.  It doesn’t give me that up-side-down stomach thing than the rest of the rides (or elevator!) do.  I like slides.


This year, at the pumpkin patch, they had an improved slide.  We are not sure what they did different from earlier years, but this year, the kids were flying off!  Siena and Lucas had great fun.  See it for yourself.

DSC_0145-small DSC_0146-small DSC_0147-small DSC_0151-small DSC_0154-small DSC_0148-small DSC_0156-small DSC_0157-small DSC_0158-small


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