A walk to the park + 116

DSC_0299-small DSC_0301-small

The other day we went to the park to play for a little bit.  The day was beautiful.


The leaves were falling.

DSC_0303-small DSC_0304-smallThere were mushrooms everywhere!

DSC_0306-small DSC_0309-small

The sun shining, the light perfect.


You could hear the breeze and the needles fall.  You could hear the birds, and the kids, and the trees.  I could hear autumn.


I sat down, knitted, had my tea, and watched the kids play.  Run. Find. Laugh. Build. Run. Find. Laugh. Build.


DSC_0316-small DSC_0317-smallSomeone had been eating this one.

DSC_0319-small DSC_0321-smallAnd this one.


After a little while… pine needles in my tea and my knitting, a cone falling next to me.  The breeze.  Oh yes, the breeze, carrying autumn everywhere with it.  Filling the air with its glow, its beauty.  Natural beauty.  Nature.


Took a deep breath.  Enjoyed the sunshine. Heard the branches sway up there.  Breathed again.


We came back to the house, filled. Completely filled.

DSC_0338-small The light.


The colors.


Oh yes.  The light and the colors.  And the sounds. The sights.

DSC_0343-small DSC_0347-small

Fall is here and I think, a most beautiful one.

con Tia Chola

¡Feliz Cumpleaños Mamá!  Today my Mom and I turn a year older.  Together, the same day.  This time, we add up to 116.  We celebrated some while they were here.  I know she’s celebrating with my brothers and her friends this week too. We are doing the same here, half a world around.

DSC_0002-smallHappy Birthday Mamá!  To a healthy and adventurous one.




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