Last week…

I guess I missed a week of remembering… it’s been busy these days.  Lots happening, but mostly, enjoying these beautiful days we’ve had.  October I think is my favorite month. When the sun comes out, it’s beautiful, shining, making everything glow, almost glistening everywhere.  It’s that golden glow, the autumn glow… gold.  We’ve had the most beautiful autumn this year.  Thank you.

Last week…

… I heard the geese fly by.  Flying in that V that they do, some in order, some further back.  Beautiful as always.  Amazing, really.

… my parents went back to Chile.  We spent a month together this time, and it was fun to have them here with us.  It’s always sad to see them go back.  It is so far away!

… we started back our homeschool routines and are getting used our new rhythm again.

… we something new to study.  We are all excited.

… we are making all sorts of things for the fairs that are rapidly approaching.

… made bread and a couple of apple crisps.

DSC_0018-small DSC_0022-small

… Lucas has a new bike that he’s enjoying a lot.  Bigger, and maybe a bit too big, but he loves it and can handle it so well.  He’s growing up.

… went to the coast to walk on the beach in between rains.  Still busy and pretty.

… I enjoyed the sunshine when I could.  Sitting by the sun, trying to get the most of it, as we have it.  Up until this past weekend, I didn’t always need a sweater.  But it’s getting chillier.

… we went to the pumpkin patch and we carved our pumpkins.  It’s always fun to see what we come up with.


… we had the best apple cider donuts in a while…  though, we only get them once a year, and, at this pumpkin patch… it’s been a year since we last had them, I guess!


… we started talking about Lucas’s birthday.  I can’t believe he’ll be 8 soon. It seems like yesterday when we celebrated him turning 6 and we were on the other side of the world… literally, southern India, in a remote place, in the middle of the forest, with monkeys staring at us, while we had our breakfast.  Such a memorable and special birthday.  And then a celebration with friends… We don’t get to celebrate that way often!

… we went to see the salmon again, but this time towards the coat.  Didn’t see anything.  They are not coming up that stream yet.  I bet they will soon, with the rains now on us.


… we celebrated with friends.  It’s always so good to do that.

… Halloween happened.  And the costumes were made on time, and have been worn with beautiful happy faces for a while now.  I love it when they do that.  It is the best way to thank me for the time in making these.  I love seeing them wear it all the time for all sorts of playing.

… we tried some delicious new cookies and bread.  Thank you Glendie!

… I loved autumn colors.  All that gold everywhere…


… enjoyed having Glendie for few days.  So much fun having her here with us.  So much fun.

… we all shared the biggest cinnamon roll we have ever seen.  And it was good too!


… laughed at this photo I took from an add few years ago… do we really need these?


… spent few hours with our youngest niece… and she keeps growing.  Now at 2 months old… we all voted she was still the cutest of all small cuties, for sure!


… Siena lost another tooth.

… Lucas had another bike race.

… I played lots of Scrabble!  Thank goodness for the time change.  It gave us an extra hour of late night playing…


Hope you have a great start of your week.



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