Ancient Greece


For the first unit in our homeschooling year, this year, we decided to study Ancient Greece.  We’ve decided we wanted to use the same history books we have for the other units.  So, we picked The History Pockets series for Ancient Greece, which is for 4-6 grades.  And we used also the Ancient Civilizations one that we used when we studied Ancient Egypt last year, that is for younger kids, grades 1-3.  They both work great for us.


It was a fun topic to start our homeschooling this year.  We studied about their religion, their foods, the Olympics, the geography, their art.


DSC_69-small DSC_71-small

Lots of activities to choose from.  As I posted earlier this month, we made our own Parthenon.  Actually two of them!  We also made a Mycenaean box.  We learned about the Olympic Gods and Goddesses.  And oh yes… I am so glad we decided to go to the Greek Festival.  The food… yummy!

We read a myth every day.  This time, we kept it at reading just one per day, so we wouldn’t get the stories and the gods confused.  And it was so much fun.  I loved the book. The McElderberry Book of Greek Myths.  Lucas received as a birthday present a couple of years ago, and this was the perfect time to read it.  Such a beautiful book. We all liked it a lot.

And lastly, at the Greek Festival we bought three raffle tickets for two free tickets to Greece. This is as close as we’ve gotten on this Ancient Greece Field Trip plan. I think we might need to leave for another time.

Here are the books and videos we used for this unit in no particular order:

If you have any other suggestion for this Ancient Greek unit, I would love to add it here to have for future reference.  Hope this is helpful for those wanting to use it.


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