The costumes : The making

This is something I really enjoy.  Making Lucas and Siena’s Halloween costumes (or any costume for that matter!) Whatever they come up, they usually have a pretty good idea of what it should look like.

In previous years, we’ve had, a ladybug, and a pumpkin.  Thank you Glendie for sewing that for Siena, back then! I think it was Siena’s first trick or treating Halloween, probably when she was two?  We’ve had fire trucks, a fairy, a worker man, a horse, and Willy Wonka.  I know I’m missing some.

This year I introduce you:

DSC_0208-smallPrincess Leia and Yoda (from Star Wars, of course.)

For Siena: Princess Leia.

I made her costume from a sheet.  It wasn’t a cotton sheet, I’m not sure what mix it was, but it was very soft, a littler thicker than 100% cotton, and gave it a nice drape.


We borrowed a costume from a friend who had one, and I copied the pattern, in a smaller size.  It was adult size, but it worked out.  It took me an afternoon to make it, that’s it.  I traced it, shrunk it a little here and there, had Siena tried it at every cut I made.


Sewed the pieces together… it turned out pretty good!  Even with a hood.  Oh man.  I’m getting better at it! Few more Halloweens, I’ll be able to sew them anything they want for the rest of their lives!



We bought a long hair wig.  They didn’t have brown, so I bought black hair, which was not the first choice by Siena, but it worked. Phew!  I then made them into buns.  The wigs are not the best, so in the back, they have shorter hair and you can see the net some, but it works out.  The kids keep saying (from a video I found online) “it’s OK, it’s just for Halloween!”


She’ll be wearing (black) boots that night, because it will probably be cold, but otherwise she wears the costume with white socks, to go with Princess Leia’s white shoes.  And that’s it for this little princess of ours.

For Lucas: Yoda.

We went to the thrift store a month ago (when the selection of clothes was greater, I imagine), and found this (bath) robe.  After deciding if it was the right white or off white, and seeing every detail, because you know, these kids of mine, know their Star Wars details!


We had to find the right brown shirt to go under the robe.  The right neck, the right color, the right tone of brown.  We drifted towards the women clothes, and that is where we found the perfect piece. And lucky us, in that same visit, we found Yoda’s belt.  The costume was almost done.  I just had to come up with the hat.

I thought of buying it, but that goes against my persona.  I can totally make Yoda’s head?  After doing some googling, some Pinteresting, and some Ravelry-ing (the knitting and crochet website) I found a Yoda knitted pattern that I thought I could make.  Well, the pattern is for babies, and is felted.  I knew Lucas wouldn’t want a wool hat, because it itches, so I thought, I’d figure it out, once we found the right yarn.

We went to JoAnn’s and Lucas found the perfect green color.  I didn’t really like the feeling of the yarn, but hey!  I’m just knitting it for few hours, and Lucas is the one who is going to wear it more, so it’s up to him, really!


We came home and I thought about how to make this hat.  For many days, actually.  Lucas was getting worried I wasn’t knitting it.  He kept asking me.  Until I went for it.  I made a beanie hat that fit him.  Then, I had to figure out how to make the ears.  I knitted a triangle for each ear, and then did two rows in crochet, because it makes it stiffer.  I sewed it to the hat, and it wasn’t too stiff.  They flopped.  So I put clothes stiffener, and that didn’t work either.

Now, the third try.  I knitted another two triangles, to make them double so I can stuff them with filling.  And bingo! That was it.  That’s what made it stiff and perfect ears!  He wore it like that for few days, playing around.  But as I looked at them, they looked more like bunny ears.


So I sewed them in the middle, and then felted some wool in the ears and in the back.  I was told it was perfect!  Phew!  I love making my kids happy… with something so simple! Exciting.


He wears it with brown socks, and has decided not to paint his face.  I understand.  I think he looks perfect!

DSC_0232-small Yup!  That’s my Yoda.


The best Star Wars characters ever.  Have fun today!