Cyclocross #2 : Always do the right thing


Our second race,  was two weekends ago.  And it was so much fun because this time, both of my parents went and my aunt was visiting too.  So Lucas had a lot of us cheering for him.




They did a practice run.

DSC_0181-smallBut do you see here the kid on the left?  Even on the practice run (even in this non-competitive race, practice run!) he is cutting off corners to go quicker.  Really? Come on!


Lucas noticed and we talked while we waited for the start.  He was unsure one should do that.  He wondered why this kid had done it.  It wasn’t even a race lap. We talked about competitiveness, about values, about our family values, about how does it feel when one feels cheated, and about fairness.  We talked about the importance of following rules, and mostly, about doing the right thing no matter where or when.  Always.

DSC_0190-smallAnd do you see that cone in the middle of the photo?  That is suppose to be the starting line.  As more kids come, they tend to migrate towards the front, skipping the whole “let’s be polite and make a line” model.  But as we saw last year, and the in the first race few weeks ago, and in this day, again, it is usually suggested by the parents, moving them to the front of the line, no matter the means.

But I will try to brush that off in the next races. Try not to pay attention to this behavior.  But it’s hard when the kids and the parents are actually stepping on your toes, because they are far out from the path, so you end up being inside the path, in the place that was originally marked outside.

Not my idea of good sportsmanship, but oh well.

DSC_0211-smallWhen I see my little guy (on the right, in the pink bike), being careful with the even younger ones (on the left, in the red bike.) This is what matters.  Here in the straight pieces of the circuit, in the curves as well as in the crossing of the obstacles.


This is when my heart swells, and I feel that we (Mark and I, as a parent) and us (as a family) are on the right track, for what I believe is a good role model.  A good person for this world.  No matter where we are, what we are doing.  Always do the right thing.

DSC_0197-small DSC_0204-small DSC_0210-small DSC_0213-smallAnd it is this smile, in most turns and curves, and hops, that we can see how much fun Lucas is having here.  And for us, this is what matters.

DSC_0230-small DSC_0233-small DSC_0234-small

All six of us cheering him on… it can’t be more fun than that!


And after 15 minutes of riding, and who knows how many laps, we have one hot and tired biker.

DSC_0232-small DSC_0235-small

And we are on the side of the course, cheering him on, all the way, the whole time.  Because we are there for him, to have fun with him.

DSC_0253-small DSC_0257-smallAnd he gets a second sticker to his number.

DSC_0260-small DSC_0263-small DSC_0268-small

Now, he’s ready to keep riding his bike to the car, and keep riding once we get home too.


2 thoughts on “Cyclocross #2 : Always do the right thing

  1. Amy Jo October 30, 2013 / 8:12 am

    Friends! It has been too long since we’ve seen one another because Lucas is almost unrecognizable. He has grown and matured so much!

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