Last week…

Lovely October: I spent my days doing and living, breathing and walking my days, and did lots, but still… where did you go?


Last week…

… I made Siena’s Halloween costume.  In one day!  I might add.

… I started making (knitting) Lucas’s hat for his costume… this one in more than one day, but it’s finished.  Not quite working yet.

… the kids have been paying with friends outside.  Yes! It has been so pretty these past few days that they are outside and barefoot all day long.  Creating and playing… A little extended summer…

DSC_0019-small DSC_0023-small

… I went to see the eye doctor after not being there since 1998.  Well?  Glad to hear that not too much had changed in the past 15 years, but I can see (can’t see!) the changes because of use age starting to happen.  Oh well.  I don’t really mind using reading glasses. It makes reading recipes and reading at night much easier!

… I thought I should have gone to the eye doctor further away from my birthday!  Note to self for the future.

… laughed at this.

THIS is the best one yet.

… my aunt came to visit, while my parents are here.  So much fun!  We need to see her more often.

… I tried to keep Lucas from getting the cold we’ve passed around in everyone in my family including my parents as soon as they arrived!  So far, so good.

… our enormous dogwood has started to drop its leaves.  They turned red  two weeks ago, or so, and all of a sudden, there’s more leaves on the ground than up above.  But the leaves, red, yellow-ish, showing veins, and letting the sunshine through.  It makes a beautiful autumn glow in our backyard, and from the kitchen window.  It makes washing  dishes that much more fun.

DSC_0001-small DSC_0002-small

See the difference in just 2 days?  Most leaves have fallen now.


I am so happy we have this huge dogwood in our yard.  So pretty many months of the year.


… the kids spent their day at Trackers and came back telling us all about it.  I love what they do up there.  I love seeing them both grow in their skills and so excited about what they learned, each time.  As I show up to pick them up, Lucas’s face has a smile from ear to ear, while kneeling down on the ground working on his bow drill, making fire.

He had little dust come out from his spindle that day.  The part of the bow drill, that turns and with its friction on the bottom piece (fire board) need to create a little dust to start with a fire.   He’s been practicing a lot lately.  Both the fire board and the spindle were very hot to the touch.  He’s going to be able to get it started one day soon.  His face… oh his face of contentment. Precious!

… I picked up our glass pieces too.  So much fun and so very beautiful!  OK, I know *we* made them so I can’t be impartial, but I’m telling you, they turned out really pretty.



… Oh this is funny.


… was fun to see my dad so excited about Chile winning their last qualifying game in soccer to go to Brazil for the World Cup.  Exciting!

… I am loving our silk paintings hanging on the windows.

DSC_0051-small DSC_0050-small

… the sun stayed.  Yes it did!  We had sunshine all week, with a little chill in the air, enough to keep wearing my corduroy pants, and a thin sweater, but warm in the sun still. I love this time of the year.  I love autumn… (I know I’ve said it before.)

… Lucas and Siena decorated the house for Halloween.  I’m not much of a Halloween person, not having grown up celebrating it.  But our kids like it, and I like that they like decorating.  Though I don’t enjoy all their decorations, it’s just for few days.  Right?  But this sign and table… I love.


… I took my parents and my aunt to see Mt St Helens.  Lucas and Siena had never been there.  Actually I’ve only been there once, about 15-17 years ago.  Not too far from home, just a couple of hours, and such an amazing site, I feel like we need to go back to do more hikes and see everything around there.  Such an amazing place, this National Monument.  I will share more on this later.

… we all went to see the salmon again this year.  I love it! I’ll share more on this later, too.

… had delicious, de-li-cious! smoked salmon… oh so good!

… saw the trees turning.  Hills, and next to the road side, in my backyard, in the streets, everywhere! From greens, to yellows, reds, purples, oranges, yellow-oranges and everything in between.

… laughed and heard stories.

… we lost one of our goldfish.  We knew it could happen, but it’s always sad to see even the littlest pet go.

… Siena and Lucas played with friends creating potions of all sorts and shapes.  It is so much fun to see their little chemistry or kitchen space all set up for making these mixes.


The internet was down the past couple of days, and I couldn’t post this Monday.  But finally here it is. Hope you are all enjoying this week, wherever you are.


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