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And at our friends’ home.  Their yard is a little paradise! Take a look.

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Colors and textures everywhere!  I love it!

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Oh… and this plant.  Oh yes! It’s native from southern Chile.  The Chilean Rhubarb I guess.  Gunnera tinctoria.  Isn’t it funny that they have this plant in their yard and I’ve never seen it before here in the US, up until last week?  It took me almost 20 years to see it here.  And actually I saw it again at the beach last weekend while driving on Hwy 101 in someone’s front yard. Funny!  Twice in one week, after so many years never seeing it here.

DSC_0201-small DSC_0202-small

Now, I’d love to find a space to put one in our house.  I wonder if we can fit it in.  It would be fun to have one.

Siena came home with a little bouquet of autumn leaves for me.  I love them!

DSC_0058-smallI love the colors, the shapes, the differences, the textures… I love autumn.  This is my time.