Making : Silk painting

DSC_0127-small DSC_0128-small

I’ve never done silk painting before.

DSC_0131-small DSC_0132-small DSC_0133-small

I did silk printing, which you don’t use silks anymore, it has just kept its name.  But painting… they look so pretty, especially against the sunlight… I am excited we now know how to make these.

DSC_0137-small DSC_0134-small DSC_0135-small DSC_0143-small DSC_0136-small DSC_0138-small

DSC_0156-smallWe (moms) also got to sit down and create, together with the kids! I love it when it happens.

DSC_0141-small DSC_0145-small DSC_0144-small DSC_0149-small DSC_0152-small



DSC_0155-small DSC_0161-small

We had a blast that day.  Thank you Danyal!

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