Why are we here?

From here.
From here

I wrote about Terry Tempest Williams’ last book, When Women Were Birds, few days ago, and I have been re-reading some of the pages, and chapters, since I’ve finished the book.  I’ve secretly marked few pages on the library book, so I could go back.  I know… don’t tell the library.  I know I shouldn’t do that.  Oh, I know.  But I’ll erase them before returning the book.  (I think I need to get a copy for myself.)  There is so much beauty in her words.  So much to think about.  So much, there.

She writes on chapter XXV:

“Why are we here?”

“To keep the story going.”

“What is the story?”

“The story is Life.”

She continues to write: “Brooke and I were having this conversation on the banks of the Colorado River as we were reading out loud The Story of My Heart by Richard Jefferies, a gem of a book, published in 1883.”

And on Chapter XVII she writes about her mother and her love for Churchill and his speeches.  She says:

… Mother embodied  his quote, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give…”

Why am I here? What are my days meant to be like? I saw this on Pinterest the other day and it made me think and brought Terry Tempest Williams words back.

From this site.
From this site.

I think, this is true in every way.  I try my best but I know I can do more about it.  I know I’m always learning and growing and changing.  I think being a parent makes me change more often than I ever did before I had kids.  As well as learning and growing… that’s part of life.

But I also know, I can dare more.  I can serve more.  I can give more.  What am I here for?

From this site.
From this site.

I think… me too in lots of these. I did quit my job 11 years ago, and I’ve been doing what I want since then.  (Thank you Mark for helping make it happen!) If I don’t like something, I usually try to change it… except when it seems too big.  I love creating and I could do more.  I love it.

What do I want my life to be like?  Why am I here? I’m here to be a mom, a wife, a daughter, an aunt, a sister, a friend.  I’m here to be part of a community, to be part of a family.  I’m here to help raise my kids in the people we’d like them to be.  I’m here to be with them.  To be a partner.  To dream.

I’m here to serve delicious and healthy foods to my family.  I’m here to read, to knit, to sit, and walk.  I’m here to learn and teach.  I’m here to love and be loved.  I’m here to try make the world a little better, a little better than I found it. I’m here to talk and to listen.  I’m here to live our every day lives and to celebrate the special days. I’m here to change and to help change.  I’m also here to keep it stable.  I’m here to help someone, to give, to receive and to share.

I’m here to be here, to love and to enjoy.


Why are we here?  Do you want to share?


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