The Greek Festival


It’s been a couple of weekends ago now, we went to the Greek Festival here in Portland.  It was held at the Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral.

DSC_0022-small DSC_0023-small DSC_0027-small DSC_0030-small

It’s the first time we’ve been there, and we thought since we’ve been studying Ancient Greece (now on our fall break while the grandparents are visiting from Chile… I love homeschooling) it was a good idea to go check it out.



It was so busy!  it was one of the first sunny days we’ve had in a while, and I think everyone was outside getting some of that sunshine.

DSC_0001-small DSC_0003-smallThere was a dance.  And some games for the kids too.  Siena and Lucas won a goldfish each.  So now, we have them at home in a little aquarium.

DSC_0014-smallBut the food.  Oh… the food.

DSC_0013-smallThere were maybe 12 of these lamb barbecuing.  It reminded me of Chilean’s asados. And even though these look so good (if you are not vegetarian I guess) we couldn’t wait in line for an hour to get a taste. So we headed to the other food stands, and I’m glad too!

DSC_0006-small DSC_0007-smallAnd because you should always start with desserts, we went there first.  To try Loukoumades, I think they are called.

DSC_0009-small DSC_0010-small

Not a low fat dessert… they are deep fried.



And then, we had lunch.

DSC_0017-small DSC_0016-small DSC_0018-small


And then we had dessert (again!)


DSC_0034-smallAnd took some home for… third dessert!  Is that wrong?

DSC_0037-smallSaw olives as they ripe in the trees.


And some clothes and souvenirs from Greece and from the festival.

Oh… all the food was so good!  If you noticed in the photos above, they all have fingers eating from the plates, or half eaten foods already that I barely got to take pictures of before they were scarfed down!

DSC_0039-smallAnd even though we bought three tickets for the raffle and didn’t win the trip to Greece for two people (I should double check and call them to see if we did win, don’t you think?) I think we are going back next year!







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