Last week…

I am not sure what happened last week.  I know October started and now, it’s the middle of the month already. I think last week…

… we played with friends lots of different days.

DSC_0168-small DSC_0170-small DSC_0172-small

… I got a magazine subscription as a present, and last week I received the Thanksgiving issue.  Already!  I don’t really like it things come up so much in advance.  I know people may want to plan things out that far out, but I’d love to enjoy right now for a little while longer.  Thank you.

… we also made our first silk paintings to dress our windows and see the colors shine through, especially when the sun comes out.  I love the colors and how they look.


… we decided we’ll be attending two winter fairs.  We love making things, we love the experience of selling our handmade goods, and talking and meeting people.  It helps us get creative, trying to make new things each year.  And of course, it has been fun to add to our travel account!  Who knows where it will take us.  Now, we have to get going to be ready for just few weeks from now.  I see some making in our future.

… so we also played with dyes and colors to start to get ready for the fairs.


… we didn’t win a trip to Greece we bought raffle tickets at the Greek Festival.  Oh well, maybe next time.  Right?

… had the best kind of play date.  Kids happy playing.  Moms happy playing too.


… I read Amy‘s post about starting a library at home.  I really liked her idea, and how the book is connected to a special person, and written in the book, why that book was selected to be part of their family library.  Love it!  You should read her post over at Angry Chicken.  It sounds like a fun project!

… Siena made a basket and brought it home for us.  I love it!

DSC_0237-small DSC_0238-small

… Siena swam.  She’s looking forward to more of that.

… I heard the geese flying over.  Lots of them.


… Lucas had his first cyclo cross race and had so much fun.  The day was beautiful, like any summer day.

… my mom gave us our Christmas present, since we won’t be together.


She made this pillow.  An embroidered map of the US, with the capitals, some special symbol that she chose, and the abbreviated name.  She said, she smiled when she saw we had put Mark’s grandma’s quilt with The States.  It is so pretty!


…  we went to the beach, at the coast.  Had sun, rain, clouds, and wind.  All of it, some at the same time, some throughout the day and the weekend.  Like a normal autumn day.  I like it.

… went to the Aquarium at the coast.

… Siena lost a tooth (another one!) while at the beach.

… we also played at the beach and saw the sunset.  A beautiful sunset.

… Siena and Lucas got in the very cold Pacific waters almost up to their waste.  It is no Tropical waters here, I tell you!  Not sure how they can do this, every single time.  No matter what time of the year it is.  Maybe it helps to know we are walking back to a warm shower and warm house.

… we gave my mom her birthday present I’ve been knitting for about a year (now I can’t find photos in my posts with this knitting project, but I know I’ve posted some.)  Knowing she might get colder at the beach this weekend, I thought she might use it already.

DSC_0045-small DSC_0044-small


… I decided I want to knit one for myself too.  So I’ve started it already.  I can see it will be helpful with the swim meets coming up.

… enjoyed a sunny afternoon at our friends’ yard… so many beautiful plants!


These banana plants reminded us when we were in India.


… Mark and I were talking about cell phones and technology.  I saw an add for ipads, and wondered, if I’d like to get one.  Though I am not completely sure what it all does, I bet I could convince myself that it would be fun to have one.  But with that same money I’d much rather do something different with it.  Maybe I’d get a drum carder (we have lots of fleece that needs to be carded!)  Or actually I’d save it to add to a ticket for our next trip somewhere in the world.  Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?  I think I’m ready for another family big trip.  Let’s see what comes out of all this thinking and saving.

… heard Lucas say more words in Spanish.

… I took deep breathes while at the beach.  Even without actually smelling that clean, salty air, I can feel it filling my lungs, and my body, getting all things good to bring home with me.

… Siena and Lucas got two new pets.  Two goldfish they won at the Greek Festival we went to the other weekend.  We ended up buying a small aquarium for them, and have a plan for when they get too big for it.

… took my parents to the beach for the weekend. Thanks to our friend, it’s the same place we’ve been able to use before, right on the beach.  So nice.


… finished the binding of my newest quilt.  Log cabin blocks.  I’ve never done it before, in such a big scale like this.  Before this quilt, I had done few hot pads.  Now… all 20 blocks, are all joined together with a blue background, quilted, and almost ready to be wrapped.  I like how it turned out.  More on that later.

… had clam chowder at Mo’s.

… bought salt water taffy and fudge.  No beard beer this trip, Mac!

… Mark and the kids cleaned the leaves from the trees in front, yesterday as soon as we arrived home.  They love raking leaves, piling them and putting them away.  I’m glad they do, because it really makes the autumn chores a whole lot easier on everyone.

… I started wearing my corduroy pants already.  It feels like autumn.


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