A farm house


With the sun shining outside, the light was beautiful inside this farm home.  We visited it the day last week, we went to the homeschooler’s day at Philip Foster Farm in Eagle Creek, in Oregon.

I love the house.  We usually end up coming in through the kitchen.  The stove is always with a fire, and there’s a lady cooking.  She’s making apple fritters.

DSC_0172-small DSC_0173-small

She’s a beautiful lady.


The dining room area, with another stove on has been on too, to warm up the house.  At this time of the year I think it needs it.  Someone always tending it too.


DSC_0139-small DSC_0141-small DSC_0138-small

Then we go to the bedroom on the first floor.  I think this is the first time they’ve had it open.

DSC_0142-smallWith a small window facing the farm.  I love it.

DSC_0144-small DSC_0145-small DSC_0146-small DSC_0147-small

This quilt.  A handmade quilt of course.  The names of people who made it, embroidered.  It reminded me of the one great-grandma received for her wedding.

DSC_0149-small DSC_0150-small

How beautiful the details.


Then we headed up, in narrows stairs.

DSC_0153-smallTo a little room where there’s a loom, fleece, spinning wheel, knitting needles and yarn, and an organ.

DSC_0152-small DSC_0156-smallWith two windows facing towards the farm too.  Oh the view…



Their daughter’s room.

DSC_0164-smallAnd the boy’s room.








I think I could live here.  As it is.  It’s a little bigger than our house, but what I like the most is the feeling of the old house, the wood stove, to cook and to keep the house warm. And the view.  Oh yes, the view of all that space.


For now we’ll enjoy when we go visit.  And it’s great for that too.