Last week…

October.  What a beautiful month.  I love autumn here and I love the wind, and the colors that this time of the year brings.  I love being able to sit inside my cozy and warm house and look outside at the change of season.  The sun doesn’t warm as much, and we can be comfortable indoors, enjoying a warm cup of tea.  Oh yes.  I do love autumn.

Last week…

… we started October with a cold bug in most of us!  Cold or flu, not sure, but slowly we are all getting better.

… we spent some fun times with friends playing.  We are trying to do this each week and have playing scheduled in our new rhythm.  I love it.  Fun for the kids and the much needed time for the moms!  The best kind of fun there is.

… we went to play with glass. Not really playing, but creating.  So much fun.  You can see some of our creations and the beautiful colors on my post from yesterday.

… I noticed the colors of the leaves changing.  Oh… have I said how much I love autumn?


… with starting the new month, the leaves falling and changing colors, the cooler days, the rain… it all made me think of when we’ll go see the salmon again.  My thing, that special thing that reminds me of fall, autumn, of the changing of the seasons and its cycle, and of course, the cycle of life.  What an amazing sight to see.  I am always in awe.

… I noticed Lucas practicing making fire with his bow and drill.  I love his dedication and how much better he’s getting with practice.

… we realized my kids don’t have the right shoes.  After ordering 2 times the wrong size boots (for each one! that makes it 4 packages to take to the post office to return) we now know, Siena is not really a size 5 kids, but 8 women.  And Lucas is not a 3 kids, but a 6! So the first order for Siena, fits Lucas.  And Siena ended up almost with my size shoes! How did that happen!!! Mmmm… I wonder how they are wearing the shoes they’ve been wearing all summer.

… for a bit there, seemed like summer turned into winter.  We had a couple of days of rain, pouring rain that had me searching for our gloves and warm hats from one day to the next morning.

… I got new, wool socks.  Oh how I love new wool socks.  Warm feet (and heads) keep my days going right.

… I thought a lot about great-grandma and her turning 94 last month.  How amazing and how lucky we are.  I just wish we could see her more.

… enjoyed my parents making meals for us.  Oh so nice. ¡Gracias!

… the leaves started to fall.

… cleaned the honey combs from the honey Mark picked a couple of weeks ago.  I had left it on our kitchen counter for few days (OK, a week and a half) not knowing what to do.  Now, we are wondering what to do with this clean beeswax!  Fun, always fun to look for new projects.


… went to a fun homeschool day.  It’s an old style farm not far from Portland.  And it’s always so much fun to see how they built the log cabin, or how metalwork was done, how hard it is to cut wood with those two-people saws….  more on that later.

… I had so much fun seeing old friends (not old themselves, but friends from long ago!) that we haven’t seen in few years.  Always great to catch up and get some new playdates!


… (and for many weeks now) we sang aloud a music CD we all four enjoy.  But I wonder what will they kids say when they get older and know the words of old music already.  And you know the lyrics, sometimes not quite “kid music”, right?  Oh well.

… Siena lost a tooth.  Another premolar.  She has two more loose.  Carrots and apples are not the best snack right now.  I bet it hurts!

… not much happening from the garden, and wonder what we’ll do with what’s left.  How to preserve, how to save what we planted.  Still working on that, searching for new recipes and learning how to do those new plants we thought we’d try.

… I loved seeing the kids play Pioneer days. I think it was inspired by our visit to the farm last week.

… we started talking about Siena’s swim meets and what she’d like to swim in her next one.  She’s excited to get started with practices again.

… I talked to my aunt.  Though we both live in the US, it’s not often that we talk on the phone.  It’s always fun to hear her voice and talk about her coming to see us.  I hope so.


OK October. I’m ready for fall now.  Hats, gloves, wool socks, boots, jackets and sweaters out handy, and fitted for everyone.  Now, we are ready to be playing outside, in the leaves and the mild winds.  Winter.  You can wait just a little longer. I like you too.  But autumn.  Autumn has to come first.  It makes my heart warm, and it prepares me to turn myself inside our home for the winter, darker months  To rest from all the activities out of doors, and the much busier summer months.  And I need to get my camera out too.   Autumn is what I need right now.  Thank you for waiting.


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