Our grandmas


Mark’s grandma turned 94 this past month.  I first met her when I was 15 years old, when I went to visit Mark and his family in Idaho, when I was an exchange student.  I remember going to her house then, and she showed the quilt she had on her bed.


I was amazed at her work.  It was a handmade quilt she had done of the US.  The map stitched in the middle, with all the states, their bird and their flower, the year they became a state, the capital, and the number in which they became a state, all over the quilt.


She gave it to Mark and I a couple of years ago when we went to Idaho for a visit one summer.  She brought a bag from the car, and said it was for us.  We opened and took the quilt out of the bag and were surprised to see her quilt.  The quilt she had in her bed.


She told me: “you told me when you came to visit that one time (when I was 15) whenever I was ready to give it to someone that you would take it… here it is now, for you, I’m happy to give it to you…” and she had a smile in her face.  She is a very sweet lady.



Right now, the quilt is on the guest bed.  My parents get to enjoy it while they visit us this month.  It is beautiful, and so much work, so much time she put into it.  It is amazing.


It is a privilege to have this beautiful quilt in our home now.

DSC_0043-small DSC_0057-small

Thank you Grandma.  It is a privilege to get to enjoy it.


And to add something else special, I put my grandma’s pillow that she made, long, long ago.  Omi, was my mom’s mom.  She passed away in 1986, so I’ve missed her for many years.  And I really do wish I could have spent some of my adult years with her.  But it wasn’t meant to be.  I think of her often, as we have some of her things around our house, besides photos.  This pillow and a paring knife I use every day, reminds me of the times I did spend with her.


These weeks, her pillow is with Mark’s grandma’s quilt, warming up my parents while visiting.  The grandparents of our own kids.


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