Baby love

DSC_0009-small DSC_0020-small


Oh… I got to spend an afternoon with this cutie pie last week.  And while the new parents took a nap, I watched her, and snuggled up with her, and loved her (and took pictures of her!)  A new niece.  The kind of love, you can’t get enough.

DSC_0021-small DSC_0023-small DSC_0025-small DSC_0028-small DSC_0029-small

Oh… baby love.

DSC_0038-small DSC_0041-small DSC_0042-small

She is a cutie! I tell you!

DSC_0044-small sepia DSC_0053-smallLook at her tiny hand.

DSC_0055-smallAnd her mouth…

DSC_0057-small DSC_0062-small DSC_0081-small

Remember how tiny their feet are when they are newborn? Oh man…


I love those tiny toes…

DSC_0191-small DSC_0202-small DSC_0203-small

Oh… I know.  She. is. so. very. cute!

We are all in love, all over again.  Thank you for coming into our lives little one.  You are the youngest of our nieces and cousins, and we love it so.  Not even a month with us and our hearts are swollen with love.


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