Last week…

Today is the last day of September.  Where did it go?  Last week…

… my parents arrived from Chile for a visit.  We are having fun already.


… we saw one more grandma too.  Got to go out for dinner with her while she stopped in town.

… Mark and I got sick.  I hope this is not a sign of what it is to come.  I hope we start feeing better soon.

… I made the first batch of elderberry syrup.  I hope it starts doing its magic on us!

… I oiled the two spinning wheels we have. I also fixed the one we found on a garage sale few weeks ago, and was only missing a spring.  75 cents later, and we have an almost new, perfectly working spinning wheel for us to start practicing making yarn.  Now we need to get the fleece we have around.

DSC_0067-small DSC_0066-small

… I watched this video, an interview with Louis CK about why he hates cell phones. Love it!  It has made us laugh all week just talking about his interview.

… it felt like fall has arrived, and here at home, we are all very excited.  I think we were ready for the cooler weather, and especially the rain.  I do love the rain.  I know.

… I used my new cutting board.  What a difference it makes.  No grooves, no cracking, no nothing.  I can cut through the lines I want to.  I love it!


… had good foods.


… I picked as much basil as I could from the garden.  I’m wondering why I do these things on deadline… I knew fall was coming (many weeks ago!) and now, I’m last minute getting most of my pesto done.  I know I shouldn’t do it this way.  But yes, few more jars of pesto is a good thing.

… picked from the garden:

  • 16 cups of basil.  The last of it.  Just one more plant left in the garden for salad, and maybe one more batch of pesto.

… froze:

  • 4 pints of pesto.  I made the pesto recipe from this book I wrote about last year.  And I made one batch with pecans.  I thought it tasted good too. We’ll see how it freezes.


… I enjoyed pouring the honey from the (honey) bucket (hah!) into 4 small jars.  I’m also enjoying looking at this beautiful honey and have a tried a little spoon here and there.  So good!

… laughed at Lucas’s comment and love of this autumn weather.  As it turns out, on Friday it started to rain.  Not pouring rain, but on and off rain.  Autumn Rain.  On Saturday morning, more of the same, but a little harder.  By late afternoon, was like any winter day.  Windy and rainy.  Lucas and Siena played with a friend outside, all day, even in the non-stop autumn rain.  As they are getting ready to be finished playing, I told Lucas “make sure all is picked up outside, and especially those things you don’t want to get soaked, because it’s going to start raining hard.”  He answers, after a whole morning and afternoon of playing outside in the rain: “When is it going to start raining?”  I had been indoors for the most part, as the rain was coming down.  These kids of ours, oblivious of the change of weather.  True Oregonians.

… my dad made a delicious salmon.


… the bed is made for my parents.  With a handmade quilt from Mark’s grandma.  It used to be on her bed!  And she gave it to us few years ago.  Now at 94, and few states away, I wish she could see this blog post and how much we love her quilt.  And the pillow.  My grandma’s.  My mom’s mom.

DSC_0063-small DSC_0064-small

… I worked a little more on a quilt for a special someone.  Still needs to be worked on.  I love working on the piecing of the blocks.  I’ve never followed a pattern, so it always makes me think and wonder how will it all come together.  And some how.  It does.


… Siena and Oma have been making things together already.


Hope your week was a good one.


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