A fall garden

We are picking everything that is ripe each day, and picking what’s mostly ripe too.

The days and the evenings, are getting much cooler.  We don’t want to miss anything we’ve worked so hard in growing.  And I should say it’s been mostly Siena and Mark doing the hard work in keeping it up.  Of course, after all the great help we got from our friends visiting from overseas, that were glad to help us get seeds in the ground and in pots to get them started.

The weeding, setting cages around tomatoes, adding string for the beans, directing and re-directing pumpkin and cucumber plants, watering… we all shared these jobs.  But it was Mark and Siena doing a lot of the work and tending the garden and picking the plants to grow.  It was fun to see them work together in getting it ready and keeping up with the plants and the weeds.  Both of them counting each day what they’ve picked and what they found.  And now, as summer ends, picking, and picking some more, to eat, share, and preserve as much as we can.

You should have heard Siena the other day when she picked this tomato.

DSC_0073-smallA one-pound tomato!  And as Siena added and she probably wants you to know that this one, “this one is from the plant we started from seeds this year!”


Oh my.  So big and so good!


We also planted black beans this year.  We’ve never planted black beans before.  Mid summer we got mixed up with the beans started from seeds, so we ended up pickling quite a few quarts of these thinking they were string beans! We are all learning. (We’ll see how they taste.)

DSC_0013-small DSC_0015-small

They look so pretty, don’t they? Now I need to find a good recipe to try with these.  Mmm… always a fun quest.


One thought on “A fall garden

  1. LFFL September 29, 2013 / 5:28 am

    I love large produce.

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