The bees + their honey


Last week, Mark got in to the top bar bee hive we have in the backyard.  He’s been wanting to see how the bees are doing before all the rain starts, and wanting to get some of the honey.

This is the first time he’s ever gotten in there with the intension to get the honey.  Last year, it wasn’t a good summer for them, so Mark didn’t take much.  Just a couple of small combs that were growing crooked.


This time, he went in, knowing it was going to be OK to take some of their honey. It feels weird to do that though.  I don’t work with the bees, and I do love honey, still,  it seems that we are stealing what’s theirs.  I feel bad.

But oh…. the honey… and I love that our kids can have it, with all its benefits.  So it makes me feel a little better.  It’s for a ‘good cause’, if you will…


Mark in the hive, found a few cells from where the queens were born.  It is so fascinating.


Isn’t it incredible?



So this is it. Look at how dark the honey looks.  Oh… and it is so good!  Especially eating it straight from the comb… oh so good.


After letting it drain for a couple of days, hoping for a little warmer weather (so it drains easier), we put the honey into jars.  We have 3 1/4 pints of beautiful golden delicious honey.  Oh… so amazing.  Thank you ladies!  Thank you for the honey.  Hope you enjoy your cozy home this winter again.  We’ll keep an eye on you.  Don’t you worry.  We’ll take care of you.  Thank you for everything.


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